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Dying SS Troops

Article about: Like Bob said, it is extremely difficult to judge anyone from this war; while we sit at our keyboards, in our safe surroundings, with a stomach full of food. It should not be our pleasure to

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    Very interesting pictures. If you have more can you post more.

    thanks, Ty

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    A graphic pic, but I believe this Panzerjaeger-Untersturmfuhrer was part of the Hetzer column. Note the partial cuff title, the Officer's M-43, and the Assault-gun wrapper:
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    There were a lot more pics on the site, but apparently it has been taken down. I recall that it showed the Hetzer column looking like it had been shot-up at point-blank range by Soviet artillery.

    Anyone else have info on this "engagement"?

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    Thanks for these photos. I wonder if the Soviets blasted them after maybe trying to surrender? I've read of a few accounts of that happening at the end or after the end of the war. One case sticks out in mind which was detailed in George Robert Elfords book: Devils Guard.

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    Some of the men could be from the Estonian SS Division part of which reformed late in the war and got caught up by Cseck partisans and many of them got killed. I have to go and look in my books. Of course views like this were common in late war Europe.

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    The Sign at one of the bodies (on the street) says Haglund which is a Scandinavian name also points to a reformed volonteer unit??

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    I found some more. As best I can tell, this "battle" occurred on 5-10-1945, after Schoerner ordered his units to surrender. The Hetzer column was primarily W-SS, with some WH and civilians.

    Looks like the Soviets opened up on them with 105mm artillery--as we say in America, a "Turkey Shoot."
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    Seems probable.

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    If they were POA they were wasting their time walking west to Austria, cos the British handed them back to the Soviets.

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    I did watch the film, like 23,000 others. But to be honest, It felt wrong to me. I felt uncomfortable.
    Maybe seeing it for real, changed my perspective on things, maybe, because of that I don't feel any remorse..........ever........... I have no compassion any more , i don't know. But whatever they did, whoever they were, they were some body's brother/father, and its quite sad to see them in that way. I've probably opened myself up for an attack somewhere, but its how I feel.

    War should not be glorified, but we should never forget......sorry

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