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Early Crusher - SSVT

Article about: Hi Guys , I have always been reluctant to show this hat publically and this is the first time I show it on a Forum (If I remember I posted only one picture on the WA) with detailed pictures.

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    Default Re: Early Crusher - SSVT

    I like everything about your cap. It appears to be in unworn condition.


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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    I like everything about your cap. It appears to be in unworn condition.
    I think it is ok, too, but I am no expert in such items, other than I own a early black officer's cap that is squish able.
    This kind of thing excites very strong emotions for reasons that I never could fathom much.
    I suppose envy signifies the dominant force of why people chivy about this kind of head wear and madness in the face of fakes coupled with the stupid idea that you can decipher the secrets only from electric pictures....wie dumm.
    Colleague d'Alquen recently pointed out that this species of cap emerged much earlier than collector group think suggests.
    In any case, thanks to our Italian friend for showing us his treasures. We much enjoy seeing and thinking about such items and their owners make our little site a more productive place.

    The Shea Beaver book has a number of images of this species of cap for comparison, though I think such is unnecessary. The Hayes book has an example, too, in fact.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    I like everything about your cap. It appears to be in unworn condition.
    Thank you very much Bob.From the photos it can appears in unworn condition but it's slightly used.Also the sweetband show sweat yellowing.The withe piping is a bit gray and the overal cap show spots and patina.


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    Discoloration to white piping, even so slightly, is also an excellent criterion of authenticity in my book. I have some experience in same.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Early Crusher - SSVT

    Thanks for your kind words Friedrich.It's a pleasere share my collection here with us.

    Kind regards

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    In no way can i be regarded as a knowledgable exponent of the SS caps that are so graciously posted on this forum but it is due to members like you who allow us to see examples that are rarely seen at the various shows and exhibitions etc in their full original condition, the other SS minded members already know the gratitude that I personally show towards them and because of these fantastic collections , the amount of knowledge that can be attained is second to none other than having the item in hand, but this cap is a very fine example and thanks for allowing us to see it

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    Let us recall our first principles: if knowledge of a positive kind stands as a beacon versus the darkness and murk that billows in conspiracy theories, fakes and frauds high jinx, dealer lynching and witch hunts, and ungrammatical collector argot based on no knowledge of German history and less knowledge of military and civil organizations in the III. Reich, then results draw more authentic material and a more informed discussion of greater merit and value to the benefit of all concerned. Adrian S and others have enabled such a thing here. Thanks to you all for your engagement and participation. Such standards also require maturity on the part of our persons here to edit what one writes, as well as perhaps not immediately give vent to the potty minded expressions of puerile rage and stupidity that reign unfettered on the other website. The results are present in Google in the rising popularity of this place.

    PS I have recently had problems with several dealers, actually, but I refrain from making it a public issue here, but resolve same via polite means.

    I am also very grateful that Adrian put the cap badges in a separate rubric, where they can be concentrated and isolated from other inquiries.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0096.jpg 
Views:	44 
Size:	258.1 KB 
ID:	270484
    damit, basta.

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    I managed this Visor and another one very similar, i could say that this cap it's absolutely perfect. The sensaction you have also at 2 mt of distance is "damn't this is ****.ing good!".

    Moreover as Francesco said, this cap has much patina and taste than pictures. It's really more beautiful!

    I like all, lining perfectly fold, type and color used and discoloration of white piping.
    Thanks for sharing, thanks to allow me to have it in my hands.

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    Default Re: Early Crusher - SSVT

    Hi Francesco, a big thank you for sharing this fantastic cap with us here.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Early Crusher - SSVT

    ps: i understand perfectly why you don't post this gem in another forum, both we understood this forum is mature and joined by really advanced collectors.

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