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Early LAH Headgear and tunics

Article about: Beside the many threads "Is this garment real or not" i think it is well worth to share this interesting Picture which i got today. It is dated 1934 and related to the 5.Kompanie o

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    Thank you all for your Kind words. Here is a back view of the Picture for Mr. d'alquen. Early LAH Headgear and tunics

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    Early LAH Headgear and tunicsAre these uniforms also not derived from those of the SA and its training organization?

    Some of you have posted images of these in the past. The SA Ausbildungswesen, constituted of ex army trainers, provided the training base for certain
    SSPB and SSVT units, did it not?

    Thank you again for the nice pictures. It is a pleasing change from the dreary norm here.
    I, for one, have really had it with the fake detection racket.

    See here, for instance, on the SA Ausbildungswesen and the SS....
    damit, basta.

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    Here is another photo of such uniforms in wear (note that I do not own the original photograph; I had saved this image from some other site for personal reference):

    Early LAH Headgear and tunics

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Some of you have posted images of these in the past. The SA Ausbildungswesen, constituted of ex army trainers, provided the training base for certain
    SSPB and SSVT units, did it not?
    You are right, as always. A typical example is found in the chapter on the forming and pre-war history of the SS-Pioniersturmbann "Dresden" in vol. I of Weidinger's divisional history for "Das Reich":

    "In Leisnig und Fischendorf an der Freiberger Mulde waren Ausbilder der dort bestehenden Pionierschule des Chefs des Ausbildungswesens (AW) zusammengezogen worden, die zum Teil von den Königsberger Pionieren der Reichswehr kamen.
    Etwa Anfang März 1935 wurde das gesamte Stamm- und Ausbildungspersonal in Leisnig und Fischendorf zusammengezogen und für seine künftigen Aufgaben vorbereitet. Die infanteristische Ausbildung der Reutlinger wurde durch die Pionierausbildung der Chef AW-Ausbilder ergänzt und umgekehrt.

    Lammerding, Tietz, Schäfer und Becker waren Führer des Chef AW mit Pionierausbildung und wurden Offiziere in diesem neuen, jungen Verband."

    ["In Leisnig by the Freiberger Mulde, instructors from the local engineer school of the Chef des Ausbildungswesens (AW) had been assembled, some of whom had come from the Reichswehr's engineers at Königsberg.
    Around early March 1935, the entire cadre- and training personnel were assembled at Leisnig and Fischerdorf and prepared for their future duties. The infantry training of those from Reutlingen was complemented by the engineer training of the instructors from the
    Chef AW and vice versa.
    Lammerding, Tietz, Schäfer and Becker were officers of the Chef AW with engineer training and became officers in this new, young unit."]

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    Thanks, Andreas. The military training role in the SA was also supported by the Reichswehr, which was intent on a rapid increase in size ca. 1932 under the
    v. Schleicher cabinet, for whom the breaking of Versailles and rearmament was a chief goal of policy. I mention the so called "schwarze Reichswehr,"
    and its connections to the SA in those lands abutting the Polish border.

    Thanks for the nice images by all.

    A real pleasure.
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    damit, basta.

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    Thank you MM1985 for posting the reverse of your photo. The reason I asked was that these field exercise tunics are usually associated with the Deutschland regiment and they often wore just plain runes on these outfits. Note one of the men in the attached photo is wearing runes without the numeral. The LAH attribution is interesting.
    The tunic itself underwent some modifications after the early version accurately described by HPL. Shoulder boards were added as equipment straps had to be secured. Two more pockets were added at the waist and the front was opened all the way down; although the buttons were covered by a fly front. The pleats in the sleeves and the side vents were retained.
    The photo below, from 1936/37, shows this later version of the field blouse. I am of the opinion that this may have been intended by Steiner to become the field blouse for the entire SS as his approach to equipping troops (in collaboration with Wilhelm Brandt and Schick) was based on practicality in the field. Unlike the SS camouflage uniform, which also originated from Deutschland, this style of field blouse disappeared.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early LAH Headgear and tunics  

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    Very interesting knowledge. Thanks so much.
    damit, basta.

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    You're most welcome.
    Here, for those interested in the minutiae, is a detail from another picture from this album showing the distinctive cut of the sleeve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early LAH Headgear and tunics  

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    Donnerwetter! That's quite something. No slash side pocket there... Has any of your data been published in the secondary works?

    Thanks for sharing with us, as always. Your work opens up broad perspectives in all of this.

    Do you also have the correspondence at the unit level as concerns these changes to uniform and equipment?
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    damit, basta.

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    Early LAH Headgear and tunicsIn the spirit of show and tell--but not to take anything from these splendid images--is this I found of Eicke and his unit flag in some clarity. I share it with you for your erudition.
    damit, basta.

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    Early LAH Headgear and tunicsEarly LAH Headgear and tunicsEarly LAH Headgear and tunicsand this uniform was this color?
    damit, basta.

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