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Early Leather Peaked SS Cap

Article about: Hello, I would really appreciate your opinions on this cap. Thank you in advance, Grant.

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    Early Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapThe issue is the quality of the textile, itself, and the discordance with the chronology of how these caps originally were made.

    I did not examine in real life this first cap included by the banned member, but I have seen enough of this kind of thing elsewhere. My posts suggest the truth of my assertion.

    Finally, I also own several authentic caps, which allows me perhaps to generalize in an over bold way.

    - - ------- - - least, I am pretty certain the caps in question are authentic.
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    The fake caps diverge from the real caps in key details, the full list of which I am not enjoined to detail in all clarity.
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    Early Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapThe early officers caps in the Trikotage are in the higher quality Trikotage, as depicted in this cloth sample.
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    These cloth samples are from the years 1932-3.
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    Cloth samples, amazing...

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    Early Leather Peaked SS Cap
    Quote by Larboard View Post
    Cloth samples, amazing...
    The above are not mine. I cadged the images. I have a sample book from 1935 and fondly recall a sample book that I first saw in 1974 from about 1938 which had
    both cap and tunic/trouser textiles. I pay close attention to this aspect. The internet is not really the way to exploit this source, but these images give you an idea.
    In the main, the better of these textiles are of a quality that the normal person no longer can find, and I imagine, is no longer made in Europe. Maybe somewhere
    in very fine Italian textile mills, but not likely even there.
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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    a couple of these objects in post # 2 are outside my collection, but most are within it....
    With the exception of the Crown Prince's cap, these objects are now all mine.....
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    Early Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapEarly Leather Peaked SS CapAs I look at this, the fake Trikotage does not photograph in the same manner as does the real item. It has synthetics in it, or something in it that reflects light in a manner that the original does not. Look here to see my point.
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    Gorgeous Schirmmuetzen gentlement! Nice mini-study on visor cloth, with studies like this, today's collector has an advantage and edge that really was not available to many in the mid/late twentieth century, that's for sure.

    My favorite SS visors are the 1932-34 crusher style, w/Danziger TK and small M29 adler. So stylish, so impressive, they really stood out as an elite among the other NS organs with a smartness, flair and slightly sinister look. Style and fear rolled into one ensemble.

    I have always wondered how new uniform designs, insignia, headgear, etc., came into being. I mean, was there an SS clothing design dept. or something similar, because with all of the changes, new regulations, discontinuations, and evolutions of every type imaginable, there must have been a full time staff working for RFSS to keep up with the demand. I am sure some changes came about from Hitler and Himmler directly, and some through necessity due to war, or material shortages, but there was a large amount of propriety, so much that certainly a full time team would have been needed to keep up with the changes and a streifen service to see that new policies were carried out by everone, or almost everyone, with perhaps the exception of Sepp Dietrich and a few others. The SS uniform had a great many changes in a very short time span IMO. I am aware of the RZM and Kleiderkasse-SS, but who created and designed the evolution of SS uniforms?

    Forgive me if there is no clear answer to this question, which may be too vast and segmented to give a simple explaination.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas all!

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    Early Leather Peaked SS CapMr. Derek included some documents at one point as to how this process worked in about 1938 or so.

    I do not think the process corresponds to how we imagine it in the light of present norms. Nor was it solely the work of Hugo Boss and Dr. Karl Diebitsch, either.

    The frequency of their two names being mentioned on silly digital websites has no basis in the records, other than Boss had an early license with the SA and RZM,

    and Diebitsch joined the SS well after the black uniform appeared.

    The UM contains many articles on who and how uniforms were designed, in fact. These actual articles are very interesting,

    but such evidence does not appear in the digital error laden entries in their number.

    The VA SS bezw. SSWVHA files have survived the war and they would contain the data. That is, the records of the entities in the SS command that actually had this role and mission. You can find the evidence in the BA on line finding aids, but you have to read the files in their millions of pages. The average person does not do this,
    but Mr. Derek has read the mircofilm from the RFSS files, as did Mollo.

    The one thing that is manifest in the early SS uniform is how frequently it changed and how confused about its regulations were those who wore it.

    We have many threads about all of this, going back to the start of this site and before when we all tried to survive on the maroon lords of the flies site.

    Wim Saris and Mr. d' Alquen can say something with more insight.

    I found the one document from 1935 as to the second pattern cap Hoheitszeichen which was created in answer to LAH people wearing an army badge.

    In that case, the people who made the decision were Hitler and Himmler, and then the Apparat carried out the task.

    Mollo also describes the process as it applied to the Waffen SS in his vol. VI.
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