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Early SS Black Visor

Article about: Hello all, any opinions for this one? Its from WAF. link Thx and best all

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    Default Re: Early SS Black Visor

    Absolutely nice SUPERB Hats, maybe now come better time for happy collecting an prices will be inclinable

    thx for all nice entries

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    Circuit advertisement Early SS Black Visor
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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    I've got to say, it's so refreshing to hang out on this forum. So many beautiful caps posted just in one thread.

    Anyway, FB, by bribes, I wasn't really referring to any obvious "mafia" style behavior, it was more like you said, you scratch my back and so on. What I was trying ask but my vocabulary isn't really up to the task, is whether it's feasible to assume that the regulations set by the RZM regarding not marking of it's officialy approved garments in away to promote individual makers i.e. advertising, was sometimes overlooked because of some individual "close friendships" between certain officials regulating the RZM establishment and the owners of said clothing companies?

    I have no idea. I do think that certain parties did not observe the rule, but they also circumvented it in their print advertising in such places as the Jahrbuch d. NSDAP where they advertised normally and also included their license numbers. I should imagine that contract irregularities occurred in Germany as they did elsewhere and do today. Elsewhere has been reproduced list of those who lost their licenses and I think these cases are listed in the Mitteilungsblaetter. Maybe someone can post examples of this phenomenon

    I'm sure that any perspective customer in those days would have been able to recognise the Pekuro trademark/patent mark just as easily if not more so than we can today?

    I am not sure anyone at the time other than a handful was aware of things that you and I focus on for hours. How often do you look inside your hat, if you wear one? My students surely don't. They are shocked when I do, however.

    Prehaps I've answered my own question? Maybe it was permitted to mark items approved by the RZM with patent marks but not by their individual company names? I'm not sure.
    But, if that were the case, surely we would have unearthed RZM labelled caps with let's say the HPC pattened Frischluft system also printed on the shield or prehaps eReLs own design with not only the patent mark on the shield but printed on the sweatband also?

    Such is very much the exception. Lubstein PL and SS caps look just like those of other makers, more or less, in my experience

    I was in discussion recently with someone who claimed that he was in regular contact with Mr.Wilkins and apparently Gary said that we forum collectors were too anal about all the details. My answer to that was that yes, we are, you have to be don't you, otherwise, what's the point?

    I correspond with Wilkins, and he diverges from the views and beliefs of certain internet cap gurus, none of whom post on this particular site and a subject I shall not dwell on further in a public space. Greetings to Britain. Apropos of nothing, and to show how very old I am, I am very sad that Patrick McGoohan died, by the way---but he was another British expatriate to so. California
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Early SS Black Visor

    Our colleague Peter has exceptionally refined taste in such early SS headwear as is shown here in the spaces above, and maybe he can add some examples from his miracle Fundus. I have also refrained from appending the wonderful early caps of colleague d'Alquen, which are a treasure as well.

    In another connection, the Beaver/Shea on SS headwear is in the offing or has already appeared. Has someone seen it and can comment on same?

    Happy head wear.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Early SS Black Visor

    I look forward to reading said work, surely.

    When one looks at the Gehirnbremsen on the caps (Muetzenkordel) on the cover of the book, especially that of the black cap looks as if it is from another size cap.

    The Muetzenkordel looks better when it fits, really.

    But such a comment is typical of internet cap enthusiast hair splitters...

    I wish our friend d'Alquen would finish his book, which I am sure would be the victor in all of this.
    But surely the late Beaver and Bill Shea have something to tell us.
    Attached Images Attached Images Early SS Black Visor 
    damit, basta.

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    When I sold my first cap collection in the early 70's, the last piece to go was a non conforming other ranks black hat. It was of officer quality doeskin wool, 800 silver insignia, a soft leather visor and pebbled silver side buttons with the standard leather strap. The form would date it to 1936/37 as it was saddle shaped. There were no RZM markings and the cap had a standard Pekuro logo in the top. Unfortunately, this unique cap was later modified after I sold it by the addition of an officer's cord, removal of the leather visor aned replacement with a rune marked visor from another cap. Although a rarity, in certain cases, maker marked, non RZM examples did exist.


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    This cap is a Mueller cap from 1935/6. It has the maker's logo. It is in the Wilkins book, in fact. It does have other marks, i.e. the stamp on the visor and a white 1935 ish 1936 ish tag. Shea sold this cap at the beginning of the present decade. This cap is typical of many items of this era in which one does indeed see the logo, and the piece was also retailed by the RZM, in fact.
    Attached Images Attached Images Early SS Black Visor Early SS Black Visor 
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Early SS Black Visor

    Here is its RZM tag....this tag is also illustrated in the Wilkins book, in fact.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early SS Black Visor  
    damit, basta.

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    Why this cap has no runes and others from the same maker do at the very same time is something I cannot fathom. Nor do I care, as this is an exceptionally nice cap of great rarity. The endless variations of the past are of great interest and militate against the dogmatist and indoctrinator who wants to take a fragment of the past and bend it to some general theory derived from incomplete evidence and on a shaky intellectual foundation, i.e. the Waldemar Hosenbrummer cap shop in Koenigswusterhausen was run by the same Taylorite scientific management methods as General Motors in 1949.....
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Early SS Black Visor

    One that I pulled out of my image vault. No idea whether it has a tag.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early SS Black Visor   Early SS Black Visor  

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