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Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags

Article about: How do these look guys?

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    Default Machine Embroidered SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags

    How do these look guys?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags   Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags  

    Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags   Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags  

    Embroidered EM SS Collar Tabs with RZM tags  
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    Any opinions on these two? The construction seems to be consistent with other tabs here on previous posts. Curious if I should be concerned about the rectangle around 118's stamp.

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    The construction and embroidery style are consistent with the standards for this style of tab. From what I can see of the buckram, it looks fine, too. The RZM tag looks alright. At first glance, I thought it looked like regular paper, but upon further inspection, it seems to have that characteristic "bubbled" appearance in the regions where it's not completely flat. It has the proper "B" code for a tab with this level of embroidery. It should also be mentioned that these tags also sometimes used the abbreviation "Nr" instead of "No" (which is more commonly seen) to denote the sequence number. Hersteller "118" was a known manufacturer of collar tabs, and the stamp included a rectangular border around the numbers. However, the "118" stamp has been found on a number of allegedly fake/reproduction runic tabs, so that needs to be taken into consideration. I'd wait for some other experts to give their opinion on these tabs, but I think they look rather authentic.
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    Tabs look good and I don't see any problems.

    I could understand if you had one stamped with a border and one without by the same maker but given that these match and are original, it would not bother me and I would be glad to have either.

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    Thank you gentlemen for your insight!

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    I found an old post re herstellar 118 here SS Collar Tab - Up for Review - Axis History Forum where the originality of a similar more worn tab was brought into question.
    You will no doubt note that the RZM tag also has the 118 in a rectangle.
    Despite the fact that this matter was not settled at the time, I have no qualms with your items and still say "original"

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    To follow up on what Bochmann has provided, here is a post where a number of collar tabs with the "118" Hersteller stamp are regarded as authentic:

    SS collar tab opinion please... - Militaria Forums

    On the other hand, here's a post where a "118" tab is supposedly fake:

    SS1 runic collar tab - Standarte Deutschland - Militaria Forums

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    They are fine.

    Dave: Real RZM labels are sometimes added to fake tabs to fool the unwary.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Well said, Ade. As I stated, I believe the tabs to be authentic. I simply wanted to provide some further reading material for Anzel, while we were on the subject.

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    Daveward, Bochmann and Adrian thanks for your help on these. I do appreciate the above links to highlight a comparison of the ones I posted. Top notch gentlemen!

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