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Execute The Fakes!

Article about: Hello Annoyed from this ads?   Have you ever destroyed any of the fake SS or any items you found? You all keep mentioning the bin and tossing it, but did you ever do that? Ever take a h

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    Default Execute The Fakes!


    Have you ever destroyed any of the fake SS or any items you found? You all keep mentioning the bin and tossing it, but did you ever do that? Ever take a hammer to a skull or burn up a fake cufftitle?

    I realize that sometimes you paid a lot of money for an item and then you are reluctant, which makes sense. But did anyone ever destroy a fake?

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    I have, just once.

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    Quote by Chrisk View Post
    I have, just once.
    Well, let's hear the story.

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    Not really much of a story, I just got a bad sleeve eagle as a gift and I just tossed it.

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    Oh. Well it seems like it would be a good idea to lower the numbers of these fakes.

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    While I can understand the frustration of some in this matter, our site has the answer, which is not that of violence or destruction of any kind. We have enough violence in our world, and the digital toilet
    has added the dimension of all horizons sewage to this ugly and violent world. Nor do we aspire to imitate the people we study or the people or anti people in the headlines who execute all who come in their grasp. The goal and method of this site is knowledge. With such knowledge, we enable persons to avoid the fakes in the first place.
    We devote our energies to the creation and refinement of this knowledge. This effort imposes a real tax on the faint of heart, who have neither the patience nor wits to collect SS regalia.
    So, the motto here is thus: go buy a book and read it; go learn German and use it; Robespierre and St. Just we are not.
    damit, basta.

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    ...or spend the time reading the hundreds of threads and download the thousands of images we have provided you, and, which in my case, have cost hundreds of thousands of real dollars and not Monopoly money,
    and you can be a successful collector. Think.
    damit, basta.

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    It's not about having bonfires, but about helping the hobby. The hobby is so scary and so lacking in confidence you have to check the stitching on items, and the materials. With the US WWII stuff you just buy it and be done with it, unless it's Airborne.

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    Execute The Fakes!This here never ends well.
    damit, basta.

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    If you focus on studying the characteristics, materials, construction methods etc, etc of originals, then fakes will be FAR less of a problem for you...There is an entire industry out there churning out various reproductions, from Poland to China...When in doubt, post the item here before buying...The research involved in this hobby is your best investment...
    Welcome to the Forum!
    cheers, Glenn

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