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Is this a fantasy SS pin?

Article about: I am about 99% sure this is a fantasy piece, but I don't know everything (far from it ) So I will ask for a second opinion. It is lauded as a Fallschirmjager/SS pin.

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    Angry Re: Is this a fantasy SS pin?

    Quote by odessa1 View Post
    I bitched to ebay about this being a bogus item and they actually cancelled it! Of course ebay SUPPOSEDLY does not allow anything with SS on it in , either. But that is a load of crap. SS stuff sells everyday. (most of it bogus)
    Exactly my point, no real SS items, just pure fakes/skin head/biker/and or fantasy items allowed, to include all the fake rings, photo's, hatsand other SS.
    Someone on their payroll has to know the diferance, to be able to knock out real things as fast as they do.
    About three years ago, Ebay announced they had agreed with members pf the Holacost museum, to remove offensive items. Guess the fake stuff isn't offensive, haven't they got it backwards, you bet they have. It's offensive to the GI's that fought and captured it and brought it home. Our GI's didn't bring home fake crap.

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    Default Re: Is this a fantasy SS pin?

    Quote by PHILBROWN View Post
    or is it ebay just want to rip people of who collect third reich stuff, and wont allow them to buy real stuff. its a conspricy in my book
    Phil, you are 100% correct, but there is more to it. Ebay are about as patriotic to American history and our servicemen from WW2, as the Taliban! Only thing sacred to Ebay/Paypal is their pocket book.

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    Default Re: Is this a fantasy SS pin?

    HERE HERE! (or is that hear! hear? ) Yes, they are a bunch of Commie SOBS ! They definitely are un-American. I sold a foto once where US soldiers were holding a Jap flag. They came into my ad, and changed the word "Jap" to "Japanese" God strike me dead if they didn't do this! Never said a word. I guess I am lucky they didn't cancel the ad! I once tried to sell a South American blow gun. They cancelled my ad. why? NO BLOW GUNS. But at the same time, and uncancelled, they were selling REAL MODERN DANGEROUS with steel dart blow guns! I changed the ad to a "Walking stick, that resembles a blow gun", and sold it!

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    Default Re: Is this a fantasy SS pin?

    This why I will not get involved doing business with paypal, they are an ebay owned racket. To donate money to this web., thru paypal, is very counter productive, and giving aid and comfort to the enemies of our hobby.

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    Default Re: Is this a fantasy SS pin?

    I tried to sell some original TR items on eBay years ago and the listing was removed by eBay's police. Shortly thereafter, I received an email offer to purchase the items and the email address of the person offering to buy them ended in "" It was an eBay employee (probably the one who had the auction killed) trying to buy the items! He was apparently too worried that someone would beat him to the punch if he waited until he left work to send the message from a personal email address, so he sent it right away from his eBay email account. I reported him, but never heard anything back about it.

    I have had items which are fully compliant with eBay rules pulled many times. I have also been screwed by PayPal, whose only response when someone uses their service to commit a fraud is that you should report it to the FBI. Meanwhile, they have gotten their fees and they leave the crook's account open to get more money from other victims while the crook commits more crimes.

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