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Flea market findings

Article about: An age old technique used by unscrupulous dealers....sell you enough Small but Good stuff, and next you'll swallow the Big Expensive piece of Garbage. Oddly enough, a very famous passage in

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    Default Flea market findings

    Hi guys, been a long time since i was active here, summers collecting has been dedicated to my other big obsession, oil/gasstation items. Anyway, went to a flea market and found these items so cheap that it has to be fakes even though the old guy selling said its real, bought from a now deceased collector he claimed. Assuming its all fakes, but still there is a "what if" feeling, so i thought i show it to you guys, not ment to be a "whats the value" only, not in this for the money but still if i would actually one day find something thats worth a lot i would get an extra insurance.

    A visor, the number on the actual visor kind of gives it away i think, looks china, but on the other hand it seems to be some old methods used to assemble it. Mix? Looks like a restoration was going on, maybe unused but there is a line where the square label was, says nothing really but clearly its been torn off, or fallen of maybe, bad copy with bad glue?

    Then a jacket, small size, never seen one like this. Probably someone with som badges and tabs that wanted a "cool" jacket, or some sort of parade jacket?

    Also got these 2 poorly framed posters, looks very new but got them in the total deal:

    What do you think? As i said i assume its all fakes and did not pay much at all, but what if.....

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    Im sorry mate it is all pretty much rubbish. The Cap is meant to be SS but almost everything is wrong construction, Insignia mix and Fake insignia. Secondly the Uniform is rather funny, The Waffen SS Luftwaffe brigade is so rare it never existed, this one is a total fake nothing is correct: collar tabs, construction, armband. Any yes the posters are very new. You should post the images on the forum rather than on a image hosting site because they last longer and there is no obscene links. sorry mate bad lot.


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    All very, very, bad I'm afraid... You said you did not pay much, but whatever you paid for this stuff, it was too much at any price. I'd try to get my money back if I had the contact info of the seller somehow.

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    Yeah the only thing i liked was being offered sex by bored housewives, even if you only paid 2.50 it was a complete waste of cash!...Sorry mate!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Lol thats what i was thinking, so why did i buy it? Cheap, could be, will be able to sell it as it is, no lies or fake story to it, honest as it is. The thing is i bought it from the same guy that i got my wehrmacht single decal helmet from, the one painted blue if you remember, that was a genuine one, a common item though compared to the SS items, but still i thought maybe maybe these are something good since the helmet was, but the old fart might have a plan hooking me up with some goodies then throw loads of fakes at me or he did not know. He did mention when i bought the helmet last year that he had another one with a different decal on it, and today he said hes got something really good at home. If the guy brings a SS helmet and i cant tell myself if its real im gonna have to have it examined, or post millions of pics here! Learned some good stuff here about spotting the fakes but some are really hard to see!

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    Flea market findingsFlea market findingsNotice that real black SS uniforms are devoid of Luftwaffe badges, in most cases....
    damit, basta.

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    The peaked cap is a gutted NVA cap.

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    Flea market findingsNva
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Wiking View Post
    If the guy brings a SS helmet and i cant tell myself if its real im gonna have to have it examined, or post millions of pics here! Learned some good stuff here about spotting the fakes but some are really hard to see!
    You should check out as much of the SS section as you can, especially the big threads with many posts. There's tons of great original SS material posted here that has helped me immensely. You are right, fakes can be hard to discern sometimes, but your items here really are not among the tricky ones, to be honest. Good luck with your collecting.

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    A real black SS uniform is very much different from most fakes, especially those at flea markets.

    To be sure, there are some better made fakes, but even they are not the real deal when you are versed in the arcane details.

    Black uniforms have been faked for more or less a half century in various forms. Surely longer than a half century, actually.
    damit, basta.

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    As already said, these are horrible fakes. No matter how cheap I would not buy them as they are just so wrong. Hope you didn't pay much.

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