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Found: Picture of American SS Men!

Article about: Since the uniforms were made in New York City , it would be fun to speculate on period U.S. made jawless SKULLS as cap insignia - marked " N.S. Meyer , NY " .. ? With only these 20

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    In the australian war memorial, there is a swastika banner trimmed in gold , with the word " Sydney" in the corner, it came from the German consulate in Sydney, and was used in parades of the local nazi party before the war. Kinda strange to see the swastika with Sydney on it.....I got a pic somewhere

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    The nazi party was fairly active here before the war. It was mainly German ex pats who liked how hitler has reformed Germany. In fact whenever a German merchsnt ship csme into port, part of the load was English language versions of nai newspapers and books.

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    Strange boots they wear

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    The point made about their boots is also of interest. They were probably purchased from a local sporting good store. During the first Congressional inquiries into National Socialism in the USA, Fritz Gissibl founder of the Teutonia was queried as to where their uniforms came from. He replied that the shirts & trousers were American Army surplus, boots & hats from a local sporting good store that sold ski supplies, and arm patches & flags made by their wives & sweethearts.
    One thing that is a must to understand about American National Socialsim is that despite 80 year old propaganda to the contrary including the "so-called History Channel" is that these people were neither endorsed nor supported by or from Germany or its government. They truly were an independent American form of National Socialism. Obvious evidence to this fact is the incredibly overlooked reality, that while the American and German National Socialists felt kinship through ties of blood, some philosophy, ideals, and the spirit (Der Geistigie Füher aller Deutschen) was attributed to Adolf Hitler in the 1938 Yearbook of the German American Bund. But not politically, as Mr. Hitler himself pointed out on more than one occasion German National Socialism was not for export, conditions being different in every country. The simple overlooked fact that anti-German propogandists of the era used the German American Bund against Germany. And that Germany could not control the Bund by getting it to either disband or follow its lead demonstrated its independence from the German Government in general and the NSDAP in particular.

    This type of historical inaccuracy is demonstrated as well from a different point by the you-tube video posted here yesterday. while the video indeed showed Bund rallies at Madison Square Garden, Camp Nordland in NJ, Camp Siegfried on Long Island as well as Hindenburg Park in Los Angeles Cal., it also showed a rally in Germany not America, (that was passed off as a German American Bund rally, look closely in that portion of the clip there are NO AMERICAN FLAGS). The Consitution of the German American Bund stipulated that without any exception ever, the flag to be accorded the place of honor at any and all Bund events over and above any other flag was to be the flag of the United States of America, failure to do so would bring expulsion from the Bund. Also dubbed into Madison Square Garden were repeated Sieg Heil's from a different German rally (The salute of the German American Bund was "Free America") all of which is the type of material that continues to pass as the history of these people (the Bundists) and does nothing in the end but continue to distort historically who they really were, and what they truly believed in, and aspired to for their country-and that country was the USA.

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    Once again you astound me with your depth of knowledge-If I ever come to Germany I would love to buy you a beer.

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    Hi Otto,

    Could you tell me where the Bund stood in regards to 'The Jewish Question', I would be interested if their feelings and policies matched that of the Third Reich?

    Regards, Ned.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    I live in Texas I only get to go to Germany about once a year. You can get the new Bender book "They too Were Americans The German American Bund in words, Photos, and Artifacts" thru Bender Publishing at Home or thru or from a variety of book dealers on Ebay (and save a couple of bucks). At any rate that book will be a great help to anyone with an interest in the subject. 320 pages 562 photos many in color as well as an unbiased history of what the Bund was all about

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    In reply to your query at best I can give you a synoptic answer as the Bund policy as regards the Jewish question cannot be fully answered in a few lines.
    1. The Bund demanded a halt to intervention in disputes between foreign nations and sought a policy of armed neutrality. They combated Zionist and internationalist Jews, and warned that implementation of the Balfour Declaration which sought to create a Jewish state from stolen Arab lands- would generate endless wars in the Middle East., and favoured the then German suggestion of a Jewish state in Madagascar also under control of Britain at that time. Wars in Europe against itself had only served to garner profits for internationl bankers and their system of pillage, and as such hoped to get the USA out from under the control of International banking families such as those that still control the US Federal Reserve
    Many of the mover forces of international finance at that time as well as many of the earliest Russian Commisars had been of Jewish extraction not to mention those that fommented the abortive Communist uprisings in Germany at the end of WWI such as Bela Kuhn, Rosa Luxemburg, and Kurt Eisner. All of which certainly must have influenced their world view.
    None the less I personally know of a number of Americans of Jewish extraction who were members in and participated in The German American Bund as members of both their "Patrons" , and "DKV" organizations. The DKV I think is of special interest as it was formed primarily to combat what was then known as Samuel Untermeyers "Jewish boycott" and as mentioned none the less a number of Americans of Jewish descent opted for the Bund position politically and economically in combatting the afore mentioned boycott.

    On yet another note the Bundists felt that if the United States were indeed a representative Republic that Jewish influence was in too much proportion in regards to their numbers in the country, (at that time less than 1%) as oppossed to German American (about 20-24%) as far as politics, finance, and media were concerned and that, that in and of itself had a negative effect upon the rest of the country at large.

    I know as well an older man of Jewish extraction that lived in the Yorkville area of NYC and stated that while the media of that time mad much of the differences between the Bund community and their Jewish neighbors the fact was that it was the middle of the depression and that people were just trying to feed their families and nobody really cared one way or the other. And that in his neighborhood regardless of politics or ethnic background the local Bund unit saw to it that families with small children got two quarts of milk free every week.
    I do know they held a special distain for Samuel Untermeyer for the boycott, as well as US Congressman Samuel Dickstein (D NY) who were both of Jewish extraction. Rep. Dickstein delighted in calling the Bundists and earlier leaders of its perdecessor the FDND spies to their face and threatening contemp of Congress charges were they to reply. Yet with the fall of the soviet Union and the opening of various KGB records who turned out to be in the pay of Stalin- Mr Dickstein
    So I figure this reply will be somewhat confusing, but as I mentioned when beginning it is a very complicated question and with no easy answer. You will also note from this that many of the above questions dealt not with German foreign & domestic policy but rather the policies of the USA vis-a-vis both other nations and its own domestic ideals & policy. I hope this helps a little Once again however I would recommend more detailed answers in the book I referenced earlier

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    Here is a pic of the insignia that was worn on the peak of the visor:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Found: Picture of American SS Men!  

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    Thats one heck of a badge.

    Interesting subject/thread for sure.

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