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Found: Picture of American SS Men!

Article about: Since the uniforms were made in New York City , it would be fun to speculate on period U.S. made jawless SKULLS as cap insignia - marked " N.S. Meyer , NY " .. ? With only these 20

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    I find it hard to believe that the 'Bund' had over 50,000 members in the U.S. at it's height! I'd always imagined a rag tag bunch of disalusioned unemployed and thugs like Moseley's Black Shirts that ran into a few hundred.

    This film sure opens ones eyes to the serious amount of people who were followers in the States, and the impressive marches they were allowed to have in cities countrywide. I guess you can't compare their idealology with the Klan, but i certainly get the feeling that this is a piece of history that the septics have done their best to forget over the following decades. Take a look at this, the planning and logistics that must have gone into these camps and marches must of been phenomonal, not to mention the money needed to do it!!

    YouTube - ‪German American Bund‬‏

    Regards, Ned.
    I believe Orwell said it best " Double Think " . I also liked the U-tube warning ! What a world .

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    "implementation of the Balfour Declaration which sought to create a Jewish state from stolen Arab lands- would generate endless wars in the Middle East., and favoured the then German suggestion of a Jewish state in Madagascar also under control of Britain at that time."

    1. i think you'll find that the stolen Arab lands were in fact under British mandate that was the league of nations solution to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1, so they weren't in fact stolen more liberated. There was no policy of creating a separate Jewish homeland on the part of the British establishment who bent over backwards to avoid allowing Jews to emigrate whilst trying to escape the nazis in Europe, even after it knew Jews were being slaughtered, to keep the native Arabs pacified and the pro arab sentiment in the foreign and colonial office happy. Hence the Jewish terrorist organisations which came to life to evict the British from Palestine which ended up following WW2 murdering British troops who had recently fought in Europe to bring down nazism.
    2. Madagascar as a solution to the 'Jewish problem' was only muted by the usual Jew haters to wit one H. Himmler who thought this would be a spiffing place for 10 million or so people to be evicted to. This 'brainwave' lasted from the period of the collapse of France and the formation of the Vichy government until the penny dropped that Britain wasn't about to make peace, there weren't enough merchant ships available and the Kriegsmarine wasn't in any particular shape to force the issue against the Royal Navy. Other solutions were then considered by heni and his henchmen which became the solution we know today.
    3. From the above you can see that Madagascar was in fact under French control, again I believe from a league of nations mandate, not British and when Britain decided that it wasnt a good idea to have a base of possibly hostile naval forces across its major supply route to the far east, Vichy was no friend of Britains at all, and invaded the island the French forces fought there with greater determination against their recent ally than they had exhibited against the Wehrmacht invading France, causing considerable British casualties in the process. Another murky part of the war that was swept quietly under the carpet allowing France to regain its place as one of the four controlling powers on the division of Germany at the end of WW2. I don't think any Jews were involved in that one.

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