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That found someone

Article about: Thanks to Robert for sprucing things up here, as it was getting rather boring with too many 'scull' and patch threads. I also am quite sure that Germany and Austria are home to material that

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    Default That found someone

    there is a *hitty forum in Germany where I got this from. Someone found a nice treasure.
    I am not a member there so photos are totaly mini.
    All looks right though.

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    also this one, litte doubt for me is only the binder / Krawatte with its RFSS label.

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    Hi Robert, many thanks for showing us these treasures. Someone has got very lucky indeed.

    Very nice.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks Robert for sharing these interesting tunics on this forum. I wonder where they emerged from? attic? collection? I look forward to further input from the other resident experts on this thread. Robert, do you think they are "un-messed with"? regards, Paul

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    I cannot say as I don't know who has them or where they came out.
    This person on the German forum (owned by a well known right wing person) said waiting after many years.
    So I assume they came out from a sort of collection. But we know there are still sleeping collections out there.
    I know as well of one and wait since decades. Even when this will get sold I assume I don't have enough money for everything.

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    Quite a find

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    These tunics came directly from the soldiers families estate in Austria, these are absolutely untouched pieces!!!
    Even the soldiers name is known and verifiable! for sure more than just an amazing find, I guess those two tunics are worth a little fortune!
    Best regards,

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    Thanks for posting. I was aware of an SS Sammelstelle black tunic in Austria I have been working on since 1999. Maybe the same one. And, as you know, many Austrian SS people ended up in SSVT1.
    Thanks for the images. If the Sammelstelle one comes to market, please tell me.
    damit, basta.

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    ...also, further proof as to how the market for SS material has become shockingly worthless. Just read what's on the other site.
    damit, basta.

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    For those who do not know, the SS Sammelstelle was the organization into which refugee SS men fled once the NSDAP and SS was banned in Dolfuss' Staendestaat (i.e. the fascist remake of the 1st Austrian Republic founded in 1918/19) ca. 1933/4 and thereafter also operated in Austria after March 1938 in the recreation, expansion, and whatever of the SS in der Ostmark. The cuff title was also worn, in this case, by those who had served in it while in exile in those Allgem. SS units constituted, in this case, in Tirol.

    The Rothlaende book I have often mentioned analyzes all of this in fine detail. The Austrian SS is a very special story, indeed.
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    damit, basta.

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