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Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

Article about: I still can't believe this thread exists. What a lucky find. This is really the dream.

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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!
    I imagine that the blank collar patch had been phased out by the time this grey tunic was worn, but that is beyond my knowledge.
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    Circuit advertisement Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!
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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    The earlier RFSS cufftitle was worn with empty tabs, but Reichsfuehrung SS cuff title, which has been replaced RFSS ct, was also worn with empty tab. Is there any order, when the Reichsfuehrung SS cuff title appears with the runes tab?

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    Also the grey open collar tunic was used the same as a black, so each SS man has black tunic and grey walk out tunic

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    Quote by devincu View Post
    Here are a few more pics of the visor and m43 cap. The visor is rough but the m43 is in great condition!
    That roughness just adds character! Really cool find and it's nice that it will get the attention and preservation it deserves rather than getting thrown out!!

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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    I can't comment on the authenticity of the uniform pieces you found, but I will tell you that the 2nd Infantry Div was not part of the first wave of the Operation Overlord (D-Day) Invasion. The first wave consisted of the: 1st, 4th, 29th, 90th Infantry Divisions and the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

    The 2nd ID landed on D+1, June 7th 1944.

    I hope the uniforms turn out to be legit! If so, stellar find!
    Not entirely correct, members of the 2nd ID DID land on D-Day - my uncle was one of them. Engineers and infantry men of the 2nd ID landed on Omaha Beach with the first and second waves to clear beach obstacles. These troops were not "assault troops" per se and therefore their contributions on that "longest day" are largely unknown, but I can assure you, those horrible experiences were not forgotten by those unlucky few from the 2nd ID who were selected to participate in the initial operations. I will copy and post a portion of the official history of the 2nd ID tonight when I get home from work. Jim Geanuracos, nephew of Charlie Geanuracos, C Company, 23rd, 2nd ID, D-Day vet/survivor.

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Not a problem, they would be wearing normal field uniform like everyone else.

    Also don't forget anyone serving in a unit which did not have an honour cuff title could wear the cuff title of their old unit.

    Cheers, Ade.
    I agree with the above. The RFSS by the height of the war surely had a liaison organization throughout other entities of party and government, not the least to Hitler's headquarters, and much more.
    While I can understand that some are skeptical about assertions made here, this ensemble looks authentic to me and I see no fault to it. Others are entitled to their opinion, of course.
    I am glad that said person saw fit to share the material with us, as I thought the things sufficiently interesting to show them here.
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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!This ensemble was sold to me as being from one of "Patton's soldiers," which I can neither prove nor disprove nor do I frankly care. If it was found in a Mannheim flea market in 1969, that would be fine for me, too. What I know is that the uniform is authentic.
    Might I also say this: in my life on militaria fora since the end of the 1990s, I have noticed that for some, the farther away they are from the English Channel or where ever to the east, a skepticism arises to how this material was hoarded by Americans at the time or in the decades of stationed U.S. forces in West Germany. There were those who doubted the warehouses at Dachau and its contents.

    As an older person and citizen of the U.S., this kind of discovery strikes me as very normal. I realize that the dishonest camouflage their larceny in such balderdash stories, but some of them are true, and the passing of the generations that lived through the war in the U.S. is quite real.

    An in hand examination of the item can easily reveal if it is made up. Also, are not the Waffenfarbe on the shoulder straps grey, which is that of the RFSS?
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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Sometimes the strangest stories are true. I have myself found big boxes of rare NS member papers in a abandoned house.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!I also secured this ensemble recently, which someone got somewhere, and the thing is all quite organic. All the items, save the belt, are of the date 1935 1936, and the person was tall and slender, which is embodied in the size of the coat and overcoat. The cap is unit marked and date as the rest of the ensemble. This was plainly found somewhere at some point somehow.
    David Delich saw this ensemble when it appeared in the old Manion's in the early 1990s.
    I have other complete SS uniforms of more or less similar biography and origin.
    At the same time, the bulk of what we see in these spaces is fake, decorated, embroidered, and humped up, as some say.
    The two apparently contradictory facts exist in relation to each other and the digital pictures cause a lot of jealousy.
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    Default Re: Found This SS Uniform in an ATTIC!!

    Personally I see this discovery as an excellent piece for research.
    Already questions are abound to "as and why", and taking these items as untouched pieces, shows how unexpected combinations did occur.

    Gary J.

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