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Found watch

Article about: Can anybody tell me any info on this watch?

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    Default Found watch

    Can anybody tell me any info on this watch? Found watch

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    Watch has been enhanced to make it worth more the German stickers did not come on this watch.

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    So this watch is a fake all around?

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    The watch is real . The German enhancement is fake.

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    So this is a just an old Swiss watch and has nothing to do with the German army.

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    Yes. You can find them all over eBay. They take old watches and mess with them . It's a shame some of the watches are very nice.

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    Default Watch

    Sorry... Gwar

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    Thanks for all your help guys!! Just wish it was more then an old watch.

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    Certainly fake additions. Can they be removed? it would be a nice old watch otherwise and could well have been in use during the war.

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    The Case of the watch looks to be in pretty decent condition. Doxa was a not bad watch and it may be worth removing the movement and seeing if the corny stickers could be easily peeled off. But, I would also advise that you check the Movement when you pop the back off of it to first see that it is,indeed, a Doxa watch movement inside the case and not some $1.25 cent Chinese junker. If it Is a Doxa and the stickers will Not come off easily, you could also look into have the dial refinished. I've had several vintage watch dials redone and they generally turn out looking like brand new again. This dial looks to be a Radium dial(glow in the dark number markers), so be aware that if you Do have it redone, that they will Not include fresh Radium markers on it, as it is no longer allowed to use them due to the radioactivity.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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