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General's White Uniform

Article about: The above is not an SS uniform, but a Trachten Joppe, and I bought it in Vienna from a Salzburg maker.

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    The one which started the thread is 100% original, IMO. The material is either linen or silk (both are found looking exactly like this), and while not often seen in military applications, was quite common at the time in high-end civilian summer clothing. Its similarity to the Ribbentrop tunic, well documented since the war, speaks volumes. The breeches are interesting; technically only straight trousers were authorized in white. When breeches were worn, they should have been black...

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    Arran is right. There is a linen uniform in one of the Beaver books. The textile is linen. I have several coats of not dissimilar cloth. Not SS mind you, but linen all the same.
    damit, basta.

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    What is not shown in this thread are the shoulderboards which are fake , the center braid is not made of the correct material and is also going the wrong direction. The eagle could be a Siedler , I cannot see if it has unterlagen ? I think this tunic is a ground up fake with original tabs . The material is copied from my von Ribbentrop white tunic and is indeed Irish linen , as stated in the last two postings. The pants I know nothing about but this jacket material would seem kind of flimsy for trousers ? I have never encountered a photo of Ribbentrop wearing this tunic so I have only a theory of what the pants would be made of ??

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    That is, civilian coats of recent make.
    damit, basta.

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    I just noticed that the upper pockets are pleated inward vs. outward. This is very strange for such a uniform. As Jim says, a ground-up fake inspired by his Ribbentrop tunic is a real possibility. Is it possible to post the shoulder boards?

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    I am not a fan of it either.

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    Original white SS uniforms typically tell the tale of time through their color which is no longer white. I also question the sleeve eagle. A couple of our fine members here have original white tunics from senior leaders. Thank you.

    General's White UniformGeneral's White UniformGeneral's White UniformGeneral's White UniformGeneral's White Uniform

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    Arran, go to Benvk first posting , then seen paragraph starting out "Allgemeine-SS Generals white summer tunic & wool trousers, Relics of the Reich, click there and it will show the shoulderboards. These White Tunics turn a yellowish color and if not stored carefully can stain or show dirt spots easily, the Ribbentrop tunic displays these characteristics although not evident in Beavers book. I have the White litweka tunic of Karl Wolff, although it has yellowed it is in far better shape but made in 1942 , von Ribbentrops was made in 1936 but I think poorly stored in a storage locker before I got it , I would not attempt to have it cleaned in any fashion . For a example of a original shoulderboard (2nd pattern allgemeine ) see the post by Dimas, on Julius Schreck white tunic in the Moscow Museum, what a great thread that was, around 2012 ??

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    If time permits, may we see some photographs of the Karl Wolff summer tunic ca. 1942 please as I have yet to see it? Thank you sir.
    Quick question: I'm under the impression these white uniforms were only permitted for wear for a very short period. I currently can't seem to find what year they were discontinued and the year has slipped my mind, does anyone know?

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