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General's White Uniform

Article about: The above is not an SS uniform, but a Trachten Joppe, and I bought it in Vienna from a Salzburg maker.

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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    Linen, of course! I should guessed, thanks gentlemen.
    The Ribbentrop tunic has a silk like thread in it when viewed in the flesh, so not really just linen .

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    This is the second white SS tunic I have owned. The first also displayed yellowing, this one found by Robert Hassler also clearly exhibits this and some very light staining that Jim speaks of.

    Of note, the white SS Generals visor also displays the exact same yellowing/staining.

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    Quote by youthcollector1 View Post
    Quick question: I'm under the impression these white uniforms were only permitted for wear for a very short period. I currently can't seem to find what year they were discontinued and the year has slipped my mind, does anyone know?
    White SS tunics made their first appearance during the 1936 Summer Olympics of Berlin, when they were worn both by enlisted men and officers. In keeping with the summerly/sporty image of this event, white tunics were widely worn by the uniformed services, in some cases (like the RAD medics on duty) for the duration of the games only.

    In 1939, the white SS tunic was officially instituted as an optional officers-only uniform item. Wear was restricted to the months of April to September and to non-formal, off-duty occasions (as a mess dress, a walking-out uniform, for attending sports events etc.).

    In 1940, the white tunic was disontinued for the duration of the war, although some officers continued to wear it. Arthur Rdl, seen in four photograps in post # 17 is an example. The pictures show him at the Gro-Rosen concentration camp, where he served from May 1941 to September 1942. (By the way: note that Doug's tunic has 1942-model collar patches.)

    Period photographs also show that other (Waffen-) SS officers kitted themselves out with white tunics of the Heer model (with closed collars). (Fritz Schmedes and Demelhuber are two random examples that come to mind.)

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    Quote by jimtoncar View Post
    The Ribbentrop tunic has a silk like thread in it when viewed in the flesh, so not really just linen .
    The mixture of silk with linen is typical for such textiles, even today.
    damit, basta.

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    Thank you HLP for that detailed answer.

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    We have included the various articles from the UM as well as the RZM circulars for all of this in several threads.
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    General's White Uniform
    Here is the detail of the fake shoulder board above mentioned:

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    Mr. Doug's nice white hat was on the Whammond site. Such white textiles usually show their age by discoloring, which in my view, is a sure sign of authenticity. I had a military style white tunic in the early 1970s from a Waffen SS doctor, along with a silk grey peaked cap, an image of which endures.
    damit, basta.

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    not wanting to make too much a point of it (as apparently strange things are sometimes seen and are nothing sinister) but simply to mention it, the black cut edges of the sleeve eagle are pristine and i wonder about whether they might be so on a tunic that has been worn much and cleaned and stored and moved about much over the decades. again, this is merely an observation. Arran makes an observation that is interesting re: the cut and configuration of the breast pockets. the material, the shoulder boards and other points made here do not reassure me however, to condemn the thing is something above my pay grade around here and, i think, best left to our other and more capable and experienced members in this realm.

    a good thread.

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