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General's White Uniform

Article about: The above is not an SS uniform, but a Trachten Joppe, and I bought it in Vienna from a Salzburg maker.

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    Default General's White Uniform

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    All insignia and parts appear to be original in my opinion. As for when the insignia was applied, I don't think enough is supplied for my novice eyes to make that determination. I will say the pants look to be of a different tone than the tunic, possible due to wear or the two items being put together? Is it suppose to be a matching set? I'm interested to hear others opinions on that.

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    General's White UniformGeneral's White UniformGeneral's White Uniform

    Another example for comparison, and though they are not identical to each other, the material as well other aspect do favor well with one another.
    It can be found here,
    U-060* Allgemeine-SS Summer Tunic

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    Bills example appears to have a somewhat "cheesecloth" style as well, just not as prevalent and possible more worn and having been made by a different make. Sorry, this is the only example I can currently think of, great question though!

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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    Totally different fabrics I would say. Interesting to compare tough..
    I completely agree the fabric is different, but they appear to be of the same "style" though very different too. Sorry, I should've explained myself better. Just wanted to post it as they are both of the SS, summer wear, and high-ranking. Though it would make for a good comparison.

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    I would agree that the pants don't seem to be a match at all so far, having no further images to look at.

    The fabric of the tunic does interest me greatly though. I'd call it cheese cloth fabric and I just wonder if anyone else has another German uniform made from the same?
    No it is not a cheese cloth Ben. The weave is more like the buckram backing on a collar tab.
    That is the total of my expertise on SS items.

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