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Glue, RZM tags and laundering

Article about: Greetings. I am curious as to the type of glue used to attach the paper RZM tags to the woolen and cotton textiles we collect. I prefer to buy insignia with such a tag if possible and someti

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    Default Glue, RZM tags and laundering

    Greetings. I am curious as to the type of glue used to attach the paper RZM tags to the woolen and cotton textiles we collect. I prefer to buy insignia with such a tag if possible and sometimes make an observation of what premium they add to an armband, collar tab or shoulderboard. I have assumed that such items (attached to tunics) had a minimum of laundering, being outer garments ... just as I prefer to brush rather than dry-clean the 2 suits that i own ( being a person of casual dress). I have sought an SS sports patch for a while and now wonder how so many of them seem to have a RZM tag intact and showing little signs of washing that, I assume, an inner garment used for sporting activities must have received. I would have thought a PVA (poly vinyl alcohol (ie wood glue- somewhat water soluble) might be used but the paper must be the weak point in all of this ..but mostly the tag is either absent or quite good. any thoughts or observations are most welcome, thank you, paul

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    A good point Paul, I too am interested to hear peoples opinions on this phenomenon. Even if we exclude laundering, the 70+ year old glue on these flimsy little paper tags seems to hang on like nobodies business.

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    Name:  herstellung23.jpg
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Size:  55.0 KBName:  herstellung28.jpg
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Size:  40.3 KBName:  Kevin cap 12.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  43.6 KBThe glue is mucilage, I think, and be thankful that the tag is there; and if it is not there, then such a thing never much bothered me. There existed water proof tags, i.e. cloth versus the paper tags.
    In any case, I, for one, assign too much value to these tags, but a sane person should only care if the object is real or not.
    And, one has to say, that in many aspects, these things betray a quality and durability that manufactured things today, in their cheapness and plentitude, do not.....
    Likely graduates of business schools did not do cost benefits analyses of the glue or the woolens or whatever. And the RZM did inspect things to determine that they meet a grade of price and durability.
    Many pieces of insignia are unused, ergo the tag endures.
    damit, basta.

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    I would use a fabric glue for these labels. ( Textilkleber )

    A specification of the RZM did not exist, or is not known to me!


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    Thanks for your interesting input. I am not looking to stick or restick such labels, just curious as to the secret of their longevity. When it comes to Quality Control in the manufacture of SS items, no minor detail was overlooked, even down to the quaility of the paper, printing and glue of a simple label. I'm grateful that the contributers to this site have similarly boundless expertise on these matters and so willingly share rather than keep their knowledge hoarded away. Regards, paul

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    Here a tag on the insignia..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF6420.jpg 
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    Kind Regards,

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    This is the tag in question. That is, the post 1937 kind of tag on SS regalia, made of paper.

    someone can play along and fill in the blank, as I actually only have collected the black rayon tags of the epoch 1934-1937.....!
    damit, basta.

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