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Green camo cap eagle cutt off

Article about: Those cammo caps that mr Delich owns makes me speechless!! Wow!! I would love to see them in full picture. Send a warm and gratefull thanks F.B to mr Delich for showing them and of course th

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    Yeah I do about five hundred dollars 1977 money and a lot of in hand experience seeing this type of stuff, not to mention dealers for years back then. George Petersen for one all gave me the thumbs down a lot of members on here did too with this particular set up so that don't add up wish I had it all back and I would have a good original wermacht collection of inignia with what I know now. I am done with SS have been for thirty five years you are free to believe what you want that is what the forum is all about. That ain't IMO from examples from vets no Dachau insignia either sewn on like that sure there are a lot of insignia that look new tucked away but there is a lot of it that ain't so new looking. Enough said on my part of conterverial SS stuff timothy

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    I never stated the posted item was from vets or the Dachau depot. I also didn't say you were wrong, but merrily asked if you have any documented evidence so that we can prove this item is, indeed, fake. No offense, but I'm not going to take your word, or anyone else's word for fact. Documents and such are the only proper way, IMO, to prove a item is real or fake. I do not know you from Adam, and many people come onto forums lacking education, yet they still spread inaccurate information.
    Besides yourself, one other member gave this item the thumbs down here I believe. It also doesn't appear he is still doing so. Elsewhere, however, the item was given the thumbs up by several different collectors, at least twenty. Of course, as I've stated, everyone who did so could be wrong. I think you've misinterpret my prior post. I am by no means qualified to comment on this variant. It is not one I've ever been interested in, actually. In fact, I have no interests in loose ss eagles whatsoever.
    So you know, I also wasn't saying your experience with this item is a lie. I will say, though, by keeping out opinions, and only basing authenticity on what can be factually proven, it keeps us able to collect ss item in this sea of fakes. Hints my request for anything that could prove this item was reproduced when you say it was.

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    No problem Youth Collector I am fine with your opinion I don't have any period documentation at all just maybe somewhere some old lists back then of the stuff advertised, and my fifty years of collecting which by no means makes me a expert especially on SS stuff as I have been out of the loop for so many years on it and don't follow it as I don't collect it anymore. I don't think you can post most SS stuff anymore and not get into contriversy here while back I posted a Old first model SS helmet cover from the same source I mentioned eariler I knew what it was made up from old original plain tree SS cammo and on one forum half said real half didn't. So I had a good laugh on that one on this one most agreeded on what it was. I am like a collector about ten years older than me in his late 70's when I asked him BTW he has a large wermacht collection where the SS stuff was he laughed and said I got out of that fifty years ago. Having said that I know there is still a lot of good SS stuff mainly from older collectors that have had it for years because prices of a real certified deal are ridicilous and there are many knowledgble SS collector on here. And I don't question your knowledge on it as I am sure you follow and know more about it in these modern times than I do. Thanks for your post. timothy

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    Tim, do you still have said example? Could it be possible, although very similar, some characteristics are different than the one posted here? If you do have it, I'd find it quite helpful to see a image so that we can compare; many thanks.
    Add: I have no opinion on the posted item.

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    I remember Globe Militaria and Mr. Jack M. quite well. He tried to impale me with a fake Dutch Waffen SS jacket in the mid 1970s, which I returned. He had real stuff, too, but the upswing in fake SS regalia came on quite strong in the latter part of the 1970s, once the Mollo books spread out into the biotope along with the Bender series on the Waffen SS. I recall it all very well, indeed.
    damit, basta.

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    Green camo cap eagle cutt offAttachment 574856I was busily collecting in said epoch..... here a page from Manion's catalog of 1978.
    damit, basta.

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    Bob Hritz is a man I would consult on such Waffen SS insignia, but Mr. Timothy seems to know his things.
    damit, basta.

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    No Youth Collector I was just about to say I wished I still had one of them especially the sleeve eagle on M-44I am sure looking back on it was real DOT 44 that is a great idea and might help some new collector from encountering this old stuff I did put the helmet cover on here though it's all the old stuff I had from him left Glad I did keep it though might help somebody else. Lookout FB you are telling your age Glad someone remembers him he started out in NY NY and then moved to NH here in US I talked to his wife sometime in the 90's after he passed away. Boy he did have a lot of good stuff especially field gear, and some uniforms as it wasn't all bad I got some good stuff from him he always had a special like the Dutch cammo jacket tried to sell me a Waffen SS rare Latvian cammo smock once. He even sent it to me to look at and I am sure it was original cammo from a shelter quarter. Bought a SS belt buckle in Aluminum from him once that you could bend with your fingers and marked with the OLT instead of OLC years later I found that was the faker' initials. Those were the days over at GHW we done a thread on old dealers and some of the guys posted some of his old lists the younger collectors couldn't believe it. timothy

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    I had one of the Tony Oliver buckles, too, and only learned later that it was junk. I am very old and could care less what others think of it. Thanks for the nice intervention.
    damit, basta.

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    I can well recall when you could find Nazi stuff in surplus stores in unused bales of caps, tunics, and other junk. It was junk to most people, whereas to me it was more than magic.
    damit, basta.

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