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Green camo cap eagle cutt off

Article about: Those cammo caps that mr Delich owns makes me speechless!! Wow!! I would love to see them in full picture. Send a warm and gratefull thanks F.B to mr Delich for showing them and of course th

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    As previously stated the quality of good photos and lighting can make all the difference in the world when looking at an object .

    Regards Mark K

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    Circuit advertisement Green camo cap eagle cutt off
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    I will ask David Delich to comment on said item, he can speak with some authority, in fact.
    damit, basta.

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    Green camo cap eagle cutt off
    Green camo cap eagle cutt off
    Green camo cap eagle cutt off
    A cameras flash can definitely cause a misrepresentation of a item.

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    As the saying goes the Devil is in the details and Imo the chain stitching is completely different on the wings and between the feathers on these two examples as are the eagles heads is it because the one is a fake or is it attributed to a different manufacturing process ?

    Regards Mark K

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    This would be a good time to find a few examples if possible as Mark has shed light on a stitching process...but yet also Mr Delichs opinion..would be quite welcomed
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    It is very difficult to take pics of these without the apearance of the green seeming to change.I owned and sold the mint eagle and have had four green skull pass through my hands,the green colour is very distinctive.I have seen many fakes and original eagles that have been dyed to mimmic the colour but they are not even close.
    FB i would very much appreciate you asking David Delich for his opinion.
    It did indeed come from spandau militaria the momment i saw it i knew it was ok in my opinion,I knew it was not aplied in the correct manner i was hoping it was some sort of non-regulation aplication,I never doubted the eagles authenticity.

    Thanks again

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    Always make picture's in daylight and outside. (especially for 'shiny things')
    Kind Regards,

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    This would be a good time to find a few examples if possible as Mark has shed light on a stitching process...but yet also Mr Delichs opinion..would be quite welcomed
    I think the difference in the appearance of stitching is caused by wear, and once again, photography. In post #43 image one and two look different, but two and three look the same, besides the head. This is quite confusing due to one and three are the same exact example.
    IMO, the stitching is the same on the two variants. I will admit, however, the first eagles head differs from the second, and I don't feel as it can be blamed on wear or lighting. That said, I don't think it is different enough to deem it a fake on that alone, especially considering how the head is different as well in image one and three, too, and that, as we know, is the same item.
    This, once again, shows just how important high-quality images in the correct lighting are for determining authenticity of a item.
    I am lost in all this, and will leave the rest to others. Just thought I could help in regards to stitching and lighting seeing as I've experienced this phenomena before. I do hope we are able to determine whether said item is original or not though.

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    I am sorry but I respectfully disagree as the black chain stitching IMO on example one and two appear to me to be slightly different and off set it will be most interesting to have some further discussion on said bevo eagle and find out either way if it is genuine I unfortunately have to leave for work soon but will follow said discussion on the smart phone.

    Regards Mark K

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    I was referring to the green thread, not black. I am unable to see the black well enough to say on my phone. Sorry for the misunderstanding. That is my mistake, I didn't see you were speaking of the black chained stitching.

    Add: Looking back at it, IMO, better images would be helpful. It seems to me the lighting distorts the black thread in example number two, making it very hard to determine if it matches the first or not. It all appears to be misrepresented, in fact, besides image number one.
    It also isn't helpful that example one was affixed to a uniform, while example two is still in a unissued state.
    It would be nice to hear other opinions on the black and green stitching.

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