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Hauptsturmführer Josef Strobl's SS-VT Greatcoat

Article about: Hi guys,I'm not posting on here from some time now as I kept a pause from hobby. Now I'm back and I'd like to share with us this rare Graet Coat. In the early/mid 90's a friend of mine did g

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ID:	843756A simple way to follow the evolution of the SSVT is via Vol. III of Mollo.
    Beaver is not nearly as handy with this challenge, in fact.
    damit, basta.

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Size:  68.3 KBor Wegner's book on the Waffen SS, as well as the other recent works in German on the SS in their number, are also very useful.
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    I do want to say what nice material is in this thread, with its provenance, versus its opposite. A treat for the collector spirit versus an assault on one's senses.
    damit, basta.

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    One nevers finds this quality of material and construction in reproduction uniforms. All should study your pictures as they are a great reference.


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    Thank you very much for posting the images of that overcoat. I wonder, do the documents you show in one of the pictures reveal the postings of Strobl? Like Larry, I'm intrigued by the blank title.

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    Thanks for all the kind words,guys.
    As for the blank title my only information is that earlier all the Motorized battalions were provided with them.
    D'alquen,if I'm not wrong and I understood your question,Strobl was stationed near Warsaw.
    I'm still doing some search on him.I have found a file on the web but I do not speak German.If someone can help me I will post the file on here.
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    Here are some more from Strobl documents
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    The ID documents tell us that Strobl was with the SS-Hilfswerk Dachau in July 1934, went on to serve with the "Deutschland" regiment and was at the Führerschule Tölz in January 1936.

    Although hard to read, Hans Jüttner's 1940 letter to the Reichsführer-SS is of interest, as it tells us about the circumstances of Strobl's death:

    "I bring to your attention the following excerpt from a letter by the commander of SS-Artillery Regiment 2 of the SS Division "Deutschland":

    'Meanwhile, a terrible accident has happend during a test firing by the corps. General Künzel, the corps' artillery commander, had scheduled instruction firing against bunkers, to which he had invited nearly all of my regiment's commanders. A total of some 300 officers were gathered in one group at the Peel position. Due to unimaginable carelessness and a disregard for even the most primitive safety regulations, 18 officers were killed and 28 seriously wounded by a 15 cm armor piercing / high explosive shell that fell short. It is a downright miracle that none of my commanders had come to harm except for Hauptsturmführer Strobl, who was killed. Perhaps you would be so kind as to demand an official report, as I believe that the cloak of Christian charity is going to be draped over the incident by the army. For in the eulogy by General Busch it was expressed that no error had played a role in this accident, rather it was a case of force majeure. I have my doubts that the mistaken charge and the concentrated gathering of officers 800 meters ahead of the target had been truly unavoidable.'

    Standartenführer Hansen's remarks are of particular interest in the light of the fact that General Busch had already anounced in his eulogy that no error had played a role in this accident even before the investigation was concluded

    Here's what data I can find on Strobl in the pre-war SS-Dienstalterslisten:

    Name: Strobl Josef
    Date of birth: 10 March 1910
    SS number: 139 478
    NSDAP number: none
    Promotion dates: SS-Untersturmführer - 20 April 1936; SS-Obersturmführer - 12 Sept. 1937.
    Awards and decorations: SS Honor Sword, SA Sports Badge, German Sports Badge.
    Other data: Graduate of SS-Schule Tölz (class of '35). Member of Lebensborn e.V.
    Duty assignments:
    II./SS-"Deutschland" (as per SS-DAL of 1 Dec. 1936 and 1 Dec. 1937)
    SS-Standarte "Der Führer" (as per SS-DAL of 1 Dec. 1938)

    In addition to that, the posted ID documents tell us that his birthplace was Gschieß and that he was a car mechanic by civilian trade.

    The firing accident that cost Strobl's life did not take place in Poland, but in the Netherlands. Some (German language) info on the incident can be found here:

    Peel Stellung am 13.November 1940 - milit

    According to an online source, Strobl died from his injuries at the Rhenen hospital on 13 November 1940 and is buried at the cemetery at Ysselsteyn: | Kriegstote/r: Josef Strobl

    The site where the fatal firing demonstration took place was part of the Peel - Raam Line defenses:

    Peel-Raam Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Each person on this forum holds a piece of the puzzle through study and upholding history...I am amazed of the amount of knowledge that continues to dazzle the hobby. Thankyou CBH for that detailed have answered my question.....and then some Best Regards Larry
    Thank you Larry C for the very kind words . I only other blank cufftitles I could find mentioned were , officers on the staff of SS-Signal units wore blank titles and Leaders on the staff of an SS-Pioniersturmbann also wore blank titles . But with this mans history , I feel the SS-Sturmbann "N' is a likely explanation .
    A very wonderful items you have there , shows the true art of the tailor . Thanks for sharing it !

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    Thanks you all for the kind words and help/informations about Strobl.You guys are doing a great job completing this "puzzle"

    Here is a Strobl picture at the Junkerschule Bad Tolz (Photo taken from a Book)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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