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Himmler in early years

Article about: Heini Himmler prior to the advent of his own collar patch in mid-1934

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    Default Himmler in early years

    Heini Himmler prior to the advent of his own collar patch in mid-1934
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    der Schreibtischtaeter.

    For those with technological finesse, the famous 1943 Posen speech to the SS Obergruppenfuehrer is excerpted in You Tube in which he speaks of the mass murder of Jews. It is a pretty frightening document, really. If you can understand spoken German, then do listen to it. You tube is full of neo nazi propaganda of course (which has no place here...) but it also has many interesting sound recordings of Nazi speeches in large chunks, which are very rewarding in their entirety. In particular, there is the Goebbels speech after the 20 July 1944 Putsch (apropos the date) and an assessment of the war by the head of the OKW operations staff, General Jodl. In our pictures and what not, these people are silent, unmoving. There is some merit to hear what they said, however abhorrent that might be.
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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Great pictures!
    I had a really good period 8"x 10" photo of Himmler which I now much regret selling
    There is a lot of really interesting stuff on the tube. I especially enjoy Die Deutsche Wochenschau & there are a lot of them!

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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Here is a signed image of Himmler, and his shoulder board indicating Reichsfuehrer-SS

    Bob Hritz
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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Wonderful material. Without the Chicago refugee materials from Mentors Hritz and Coleman, where would we be here?

    For a man with such peculiar, really weak features of an Oberstudienrat, HH had a speaking voice at odds with his appearance. He sort of imitated Hitler's style surely. He had a refined Bavarian accent as one would expect of the son of a private tutor to the Wittelsbach court. In contrast, Heydrich had a kind of adolescent voice, not as redolent or persuasive as those of AH, Goebbels, Goering or even Heini H. All very odd. All of this is courtesy of the genius of You Tube and one wasting too much time listening to these speeches as opposed to productive work.

    But the spoken word as a part of national socialism was more central than the imagery, regalia and pageantry. The latter were adjuncts to the spoken word and music, the secular religion of national socialism and race war.

    Also the state of Bavaria has a superb website with its Historisches Lexikon Bayerns. There is wonderful material there.

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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Instant communication, we so much enjoy today, was not something the people of our planet shared in 1933-1945. The speeches that were heard, in person and on the radio, were how movements were created and maintained. People had to listen to the actors, in the melodrama of that era. There were few public pundits, who would analyze and discredit the men of power. Those who attempted so, in NS Germany, found re-education in the likes of KZ Dachau.

    The voices of the men of power, of any of the worlds moving entities, are fascinating. Many times, the voice does not fit the man. The power of Franklin Roosevelt's voice did not match his withering and faltering body. Himmler was a powerful speaker, if not powerful in bodily appearance. Churchil was a brilliant speaker, but a pudgy and balding man. His appearance was likened to a bulldog, which is the failingly poor looking animal well known for loyalty, tenacity and stubborn power. Stalin, almost comical in appearance was a man who exuded power by the strength of his voice. His eyes burned those who faced his gaze and most men were humbled, in his powerful presence. Mussolini had a voice that moved a nation. His physical appearance was not so powerful, more likened to a battered and overweight pugilist.

    Listening to these men makes history much more rich and makes one understand that the way the earth moved was far more personal, to the listener, than today's digital drivel.

    We covet their trinkets, but they are much more interesting when we get a better understanding of the men.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Dear Sir, you are quite right. The marvels of the magic spark make all of this much easier. In the past, this effort to hear the voice of the past was very cumbersome. And the documentaries on the History Channel and whatnot, especially those made in the US, are very superficial. You Tube is troubling for contemporary political reasons, since it enables neo-Nazis to post this stuff for a nefarious purpose. But as an original source, it is marvelous. I remember in earlier years trying to watch Deutsche Wochenschaue on an editing table, which I did not use properly.

    It is not so much that we have political commentators as an intermediary. though such is true. We indeed have pretty lousy and un informed political commentators today versus another time. These figures existed in the past, too. Goebbels was one in the Weimar Republic. It is more that our aesthetic expectations of our rulers and the merger of ideals of beauty and politics have changed our political world. Things have to be pretty, though they are also bloody ugly. The contrast of pretty and ugly is a central feature of Nazism. Hitler actually played a major role in this process, though he did not invent it at all. He merely made it more powerful and all encompassing. Nazi ideas about the aesthetics of politics are alive and well in a way that many today have no idea. Were one to confront the average soul with this fact, they would likely smack you in the face, but it is no less true. Watch the deutsche Wochenschau carefully.

    Thanks colleague Hritz for your pictures and your nice comments.
    Let us try to add the dimension of history to our regalia as has Master Hritz.
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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    another image of Heini H. I think this the Reichsparteitag in 1935. Behind him is Walter Darre.
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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    Here is an image from wartime.
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    Default Re: Himmler in early years

    This one from 1937. Notice his silken hat. He often wore same, especially in earlier years. One is apparently for sale, i.e. a silk black general's cap, from a leading US collector. Don't let it get away.
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