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Himmler and Wolff in grey overcoat with black collar and black cap....

Article about: Is this November, 1933?

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    Default Himmler and Wolff in grey overcoat with black collar and black cap....

    I had not seen these images before....have you? Photo courtesy Hoeffkes.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9dfcd5e558dfa04aaf37f137a1d9d3e5.jpg 
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ID:	688695Click image for larger version. 

Name:	577bcc914f9e55d5e4e4f82f9f00e7d4.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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    Can someone date them? Is the person with the Tschako next to Wolff a police personage?
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	158f3069a435b314a80bdcb024f8e422.jpg 
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Name:	839ab46820b524afda05122893c2fe8e.jpg 
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ID:	688699These images are from the same source, and of a date one of you can better decipher than can I.
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    The Gent in post #3 in the second pic on the second step looks like Rohm. So before the Nacht der langen Messer. So Pre June/July of 1934. With Hitler in civies would this have been his tour while running for Chancellor?
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    In your first on right looks by the cap insignia..of the 1929 style cap eagle..and jawless skull puts the photo around 1933-34....and as Phil said post #3 around 1934 as Rohm is still alive.

    Post #3 bottom photo SS man second from right may identify what time period the numbered cuff title he is wearing. Unfortunately the cuff title number is unidentifiable but yet the clue of the Lion statue above may provide a location and what SS detachments were assigned to Rohm and Himmler. Regards Larry
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	839ab46820b524afda05122893c2fe8e.jpg 
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ID:	688700I think these images are from 1933 after Hitler became chancellor, and, of course, prior to the execution of Roehm, to be sure.
    The insignia on Gauleiter Wagner's uniform is a better orientation, I think, but I will leave this question to others at home in NSDAP regalia.

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    The lion is on the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, of course.
    damit, basta.

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    Name:  8787764717_3c611aa5a3.jpg
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Size:  78.0 KBWagner in Speyer in the Rheinpfalz in a similar uniform. This image from the city archives of Speyer, May 1933.
    damit, basta.

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    I agree with the comments of Phil and Larry. The tschako on the policeman does not show the 3rd Reich police eagle so I also agree that this was taken sometime during the elections before the Nazis came to power.


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    stair photos are taken at the Feldherrenhalle in Munich, early days.

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    As for the first two photographs, they were surely taken during the 1932 - 1933 period. Not just for the presence of the black SS peaked caps worn by Himmler & Wolff and the full black SS uniform worn by Sepp Dietrich, but also because of the Ju 52 plane in the background. Note the "LUFTHANSA / RICHTHOFEN" markings: The Richthofen (factory no. 4015) was built in 1932 and flew for the Lufthansa from 1932 to 1933, when it was taken over as one of the original contingent of planes when the Regierungsflugstaffel was formed.

    Wearing a leather flight suit, Hitler's personal pilot Hans Baur can be seen standing in front of the plane's wing. Also in the group are Wilhelm Brückner (behind Dietrich) and, unless I am very much mistaken, Martin Bormann (far left). Behind Hitler is Hermann Esser and the bespactacled man in the fur-brimmed coat appears to be Franz-Xaver Schwarz.

    (Just for the sake of accuracy, though, the type of uniform worn by the policeman in the second photo would not automatically mean it was taken pre-1933, as the new police uniforms were only introduced in 1936.)

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