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Himmler's Vehicle Flag

Article about: Vehicle fender flag for Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Bob Hritz

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    Quote by Rich Moran View Post
    What happens with these eagles is that the lay of the wire causes the shadowing or reflective light to appear as it does.

    It is hard to explain, but when bound together as seen on the larger comand flag, the wire tends to want to move in one direction or another causing what you see as shadowing. What it really is how the light reflects off the fine wire used in construction of the eagle.

    If you were able to see one of these up close, and push from the reverse of the flag to the front, the wire springs or pushes up in the direction you have pushed it, causing the light to reflect in another area as you see it here, dark in some spots, lighter in others.

    I am not going to digress more because there is more to it than that opbviously and not wanting to tip off a fakers hand in making these things.
    Thanks for expainings, and welcome to the forum!

    my Skype: warrelics

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    I have to add that in person this eagles must look amazing, Bob coud you please post some close up foto of the eagle ! There was original foto published in some magazin showing himmlers personal car with that exact SS flag and another foto of some SS general with similar SS flag, so they are genuin and there shud be no debate abouth its originalty !!!


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    Amazing items Bob !!!!


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    very very nice items i would love to have something like that in my collection, rgds dave

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    During my collecting years (1960s/70/80s) I converted from edged weapons to anything historically oriented which left the door open for hats, medals, flags, documents etc., as long as it had a recognizable name attached to it. No, I never did anything with Eva Braun's underwear although it was reportedly available. I came across a black rubbertized envelope packet, and I don't remember where, with a snap closure. Inside the packet were several vehicle flags including a trangular "Stab Reichsjagermeister," Naval Admirals, Heer Generals, Luftwaffe Generals, Kreisleiter, etc. The most significant piece was the SS car flag identical in design to the Himmler ones in your possession except mine was rectangular in shape and fine cloth, over hardboard with the same full-sized SS eagle insignia located in the middle. I knew SS General Gottlob Berger well and I asked him what this flag stood for and he told me it was his official car flag as Chef der SS Hauptamter (Chief of the SS Head Office) and he authenticated it for me along with sending me his last sleeve eagle, last set of kragenspiegel and some dishes from a porcelin serving presented to him at Summer Solstice by HH. This leads me to believe the shape of the car flag denoted the difference in rank rather than the design which was identical. I believe these must have been from some general sets of car flags provided drivers for whomever they might be transporting on a given day. All were encapsulated in a hard (yellowing) plastic material with two clips for attachment to the vehicle car flag mounting post. Unfortunately all of the plastic was broken and missing from the Chef der SS Hauptamter Car Flag. Unforunately I never appreciated them as much as I would have today, especially the Stab RJM flag. I have wondered if this same rectangular flag was used for all SS Chefs der Hauptamter (Wolff, Lorenz, Berger, Hofmann, etc.). Berger said no. Thanks again for the opportunity for an older collector who was there to share information early after the war's end with newer collectors who have had to deal with the continuing proliferation of reproductions and misinformation over the past 30 years. Although it was out there we just didn't have as much crap to deal with to find the jewels.

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    I forgot to talk about the design of the eagle on the HH Car Flags. The Berger (Chef der SS Hauptamter) pennant design was identical. The dark part between the neck and right wing (facing) is identical. I believe the existence of the two HH and one Berger Car Flags with identical eagle designs and construction say there is no question.

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