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Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

Article about: This interesting Mann getup, with minty Wagner cap, available on a commercial site with good reputation; contact me privately if you want details.

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I have seen this earlier as I scouted other sites recommended here on this forum.

    Are you certain he is claiming it is his to sell? That would not be a very good move here as most here read and study and delve into many things in our spare time.

    This was in a link about some SS soldier whose daughter belongs to a group that honors SS women. The SS man was shown in many different photos and it seems a link brought me to this dealer, if indeed it was not this dealer who posted the SS photos and stories. Robert's Collectibles has always been associated with this in my memory and notes and saved favorites on my computer.

    It seems very foolish anyone would try to claim rights to it other than the owner. Especially here....

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I recently met Robert, and he has sent me many more pics of the uniform in question, and yes that is his uniform, as it has the same NAMED OWNERS tag in it.

    Robert has sent me many more pics of it, and i had thought he had sold it already, and the new owner was trying to re-sell it at a profit.


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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I wish to defend my honor here.

    I have been scolded by the moderators in the past for using commercial references, and so I simply said "contact me" so I could refer an interested party.

    I took the first picture on this post directly off Robert's site and transferred it here without manipulation. I DID NOT use any paint, or alter the image in any way to obscure the ownership.

    I have have no stake or interest in this uniform at all.

    I would hope my reputation on this site would confirm all of this.

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    Robert's Collectibles did a very nice bit on Hans Jorg Hartman, so nice that it stayed in my mind. Also he did many other memorable things that intrigued me very much. It was on his site I very first saw this beautiful offering.
    I am always impressed with what information is available here and the thoroughness of the members for such quality postings. Such a forum as this is not easily found elsewhere, no matter what others may claim.

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    Blackheart - your input here, please.

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I know that i have been talking with Robert about this tunic set, Like i said before, I had thought someone had bought it from him, before i had the chance to do so.

    And you said that people should contact you about it , and all you could have done to prevent any of this shit from happening was putting down where it was, and who owned it.

    Then there would been no problems at all, you have to admit, what it did look like, put yourself in in Roberts place, if that was your tunic, and a complete stranger had put it in here like you did, Would you have been wondering what was going on ???

    What would you have thought ????

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    Hi Guys, nothing sinister going on here and I am glad all is cleared up.

    This is partly my fault. Let me explain. I prefer not to see too many links to delaers sites on the forum. Reason being this can appear to the casual observer that someone is "talking up" or advertising an item on behalf of a friend.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I looked at this uniform at the SOS....I wish SOMEONE would buy it so I can get it out of my mind! It's a beautiful set!! I want it myself!!
    Robert is one of the few dealers I would trust without question. Plus he is just a down right nice guy too!!

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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I want to thank Ade for stepping in here.

    Clearly, trying to manipulate an image of an article belonging to a well-known dealer (whom many of visit every week!) would be foolish.

    I want to be clear here that I did not "paint" or alter this image in any way. I was simply trying to avoid commercialization on this site, and I will be more careful in the future.

    I would also hope that any member who has an issue with another member's motives in the future would at least contact him privately and ask, "what's up here?", before speculating on the Forum. We have higher standards here than found elsewhere.

    As most of you know, I have a decent collection of these items, and would NEVER risk my reputation in the community by engaging in such nonsense.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Black uniforms 3,7,8 001.jpg 
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    Default Re: Interesting Black Uniform for Sale

    I can only say, once again, there is no other forum,such as this. I thank you all for doing what you do and being how you are, honest, so above reproach, so willing to share and educate and so willing to assure this site remains the best.
    The fact this was quickly defused attests to that. It's a very good place to be.
    It is as though I can mingle with the Gods. Rare, very very rare.

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