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Interesting photograph.

Article about: Very cool photo. I have a named SS helmet to a soldier who may be in this photo! His records show at one point he was in one of the Regimental bands for SS-Tk.

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    Default Interesting photograph.

    Musikzug der SS-Totenkopf-Artillerie-Regiment.
    Probably the best period picture I've seen in a while.
    Interesting photograph.Interesting photograph.Interesting photograph.
    I discovered this elsewhere recently. Not sure if these images have been posted prior to this threads creation, but just in-case it hasn't, I thought I'd post it. Enjoy.

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    Circuit advertisement Interesting photograph.
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    Studying the picture closely, one can tell they aren't in order of rank, yet by instrument, I think. And speaking of rank, the majority of personnel shown in this image are easy to establish which rank they were, but I can't seem to pinpoint said gentleman's rank below. Most likely due to how discorded the close up is I made. Any ideas, though?
    Interesting photograph.
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    Very nice image indeed! Thanks, friend. Thanks for sharing this with us. I certainly have never seen this one before.

    Update: regarding said image...
    Is he an SS - obersturmfuhrer. Or SS-sturmhauptfuhrer
    Attached Images Attached Images Interesting photograph. 

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    Thank you, as I can see it now. It's so blurry, I couldn't tell, sorry. You are completely correct, and now that you've pointed it out, it's plainly clear. Thank you again friend. I hope this picture brings joy to you, as it has for me, too.

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    You're very welcome my friend. I'm near-sighted ,so blurry images are a natural thing for me!
    This image does bring me joy. I know it's a jaded term but, pictures DO tell a thousand words.
    Ahh..most wont and will never understand our fondness for such things.

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    Allow me to explain why this image brings me, personally, so much joy. My grandfather, whom was Jewish, was a sax player. After D-Day, where he was injured badly, he was stationed in France, mainly for the rest of the war. There he was a member of a military band which was named, Lamp Lighters. Because of this, this image above intrigues me, for multiple reasons. They were so alike, yet so very different. In fact, under different circumstances, they may of been best of friends.
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    Very intriguing . I suppose we all have our reasons for interest in such things..but as I said, some will never understand.
    My great grandfather was recruited by the SS in Lithuania. He was eager to fight the red commie beast but when it came down to killing the Jews , he decided it was not a good thing. He was then imprisoned until my my great grandmother , his wife, who was luckily from a wealthy land owning family, bribed or bartered his way out of jail with paintings and money.

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    My grandfather in said band. These are the photographs I've recently discovered within one of his photo album. Said book contained mainly photographs from the war, University of Texas, and Rice University. He was at all three in his short life.
    Interesting photograph.Interesting photograph.
    I wish I had both sets of drums as they're both amazing. At least they are to me.

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    One more picture of him. My apologizes for the multiple post I've recently done, I am just proud of him and think he too, should be remembered.
    Interesting photograph.
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