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LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

Article about: The Assmann catalog published ca. 1936 or so contains the second pattern SS Totenschaedel introduced in the course of 1933-34. One of the Assmann family was selected by Kurt Daleuge in 1927

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    The Assmann catalog published ca. 1936 or so contains the second pattern SS Totenschaedel introduced in the course of 1933-34. One of the Assmann family was selected by Kurt Daleuge in 1927 to begin the Zeugmeisterei system in Berlin at the time that Goebbels was Gauleiter. The Fa. Assmann profited greatly from this affiliation and was an old Nazi oriented firm from an early date. Assmann was a central figure in the evolution of the RZM in its most central location and quite typical of early SA men with a middle class commercial background as in the early NSDAP.
    The reprint of this catalog is widely available. I am, as you know, uninterested in this "scull" clap trap, but the Fa. Assmann certainly made such objects. If one of you has doubts about the piece on this site, write to the proprietor and tell him. In those cases where I thought an item was of questionable value, I have done so with positive results.Click image for larger version. 

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    damit, basta.

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    I am not interested in the piece. 44k is silly. And I am not alone on my opinion of the Hat Insignia. Ask our Friend in Idaho. Get me a close-up of those cyphers and it might get even more interesting. This Guild Site is far better than most, but nobodys perfect.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    [QUOTE=Doktor No;, but nobody's perfect.[/QUOTE]

    So very true, really. How did Goethe say it best? "menschlich, allzu menschlich..." I do not collect grey SS uniforms, and this thread is one reason why I do not. Nor do I collect silly and junky pieces of cast off tin, buntmetall, Cupal, Tombak and whatever other magic substance went into these cussed and totally over valued cap badges. Nor do I summon the spirits of Sepp Meisterwichser aus Muenchen von der Fa. Deschler to tell tall tales about things that are historically improbable and logically bogus. We also need to create an "is this piece of SS junk real?" sub forum in the SS cavalcade as the leadership has done here with the caps, so we can keep the examination of regalia free of the phenomena that make the other site the digital carnival of human vices and freakish behavior in accord with the hateful Zeitgeist .Name:  book_lord_flies.jpg
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    Why then do people pay such sums for this thing that originally cost .15 rpfg?Name:  ss%20rat%20hat%20006.JPG
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    At least this one is still on the dumb hat.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    This thread should be re organized and re deployed to a separate rubric for controversial SS regalia on sale and as such be located outside of the normal flow of posts.

    We did so with the cap thingies to empower Ben VK for higher echelons of command, and maybe our Dr. No wants to take over the role of being Wachhund of fakes and high prices here.

    Or we should have a separate category, far away from here as concerns the doings of dealers and what not, although that is the main activity on the other site with the maroon background.

    If that happens, then I want a category in which I can give grades to collectors as concerns their historical knowledge of their web posts, as well as their grammar, English, penmanship and citizenship in the addition of valuable new knowledge to include documentary data versus clap trap, gun shore lore, grey haired old wives tales and total nonsense. We have the "rate my professor" website of whatever merit, so we should have a "rate the collector and his web posts" rubric for the promotion of greater civility and good order and discipline on these sites. As a compensation, we can also have a "hell raiser" place where collectors can go complain about their grades, and misbehave in a toxic free vessel like Chernobyl or Three Mile Island or Alcatraz.....

    Since you all admire the discipline and rigor that did or did not adhere to our historical subjects, then we can formulate a written on line test of key facts and issues (as in my driving school fiasco) that will be administered so that one is even allowed to post on this site.

    We can also adopt the same series of "aw sh!ts" as operated in the SS Befehslblaetter and the SS disciplinary system as to levels of being disciplined and or being chucked out.

    As in: "ausgestossen mit Schande."Click image for larger version. 

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    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 01-14-2011 at 04:18 PM.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    My way boss SS handbook is sadly incomplete, in that it does not have the chapters on SS Gerichtbarkeit, which I was so hoping to adapt to the roles and missions of this site.

    It did come from Dachau, though, which should make some of you very excited.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SS-Handbuch_Index_.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    I also asked for one of the cap badge queens to offer us a tutorial on these ridiculous and speculatively distended little pieces of buntmetall, but they all went away....Name:  Lohengrin-kitsch.jpg
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Size:  114.1 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Kant-Descartes_xroads.jpg 
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ID:	170208Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SSvisor2.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    Mike -

    Thanks for your information.

    I do not doubt this outfit's authenticity in any way; Pete Whamond would not be fooled by bad insignia, believe me. Especially the product of Assmann!

    I think, Doktor No, that you need some evidence other than speculation to support your claim, the classic negative hypothesis.

    Please explain why these beautiful insignia could not have been made by Assmann.


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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    Actually, I do not think the cap badges on this cap are real, either, truth be told. But that is an impression. Assmann surely made SS cap insignia. I also think the cap itself is real, which is far more important than the badges, is it not? But this kind of thing should be put in a separate island of madness where it won't infect the rest of the biotope with the nonsense that dominates, reigns and otherwise befouls the other website. I am not sure if I have actually seen a neusilber Assmann badge ever, but I have seen lots of them that have either lost the neusilber finish or whatever. More over, I do not care; I hate "scull" threads; most important, Assmann (M1/17 and many other nifty license numbers) surely made this regalia, so one cannot assert otherwise. The history of Assmann as a Nazi enterprise is a 1000% more interesting than "scull" threads and let-us-bash-in-the dealer threads.

    Unlike a lot of other people who post on these sites, I used to buy Nazi regalia in Germany before many of you were born, and it was almost always denazified. I also have bought a lot of grey SS caps in the US going back forty years and these, too, often have had replaced badges. So what?
    Where is the capital case in this hum drum and ordinary fact, tell me?

    I also own nice caps with unfiddled badges, which is a joy to my aging and no longer solid heart....

    Do let the owners here send this thread to a sanitary containment zone, where it can fulminate and spread its viruses merrily without spreading ebola and herpes to the rest of us...

    Mr. Bruce, thanks for posting this and my comments are not directed against you, surely, but the other site and the fight there about this Montur and reflect my decade of pointless attempts at C I V I L I T Y in a world that seems to have forgotten the meaning of same.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: LAH Captain's Uniform - new to market

    The real issue here is that of prices and the push and pull of collector speculation in this regalia, which is also a theme that deserves its own pedestal of some kind. It is a legitimate topic of inquiry, when the posts add value and do not open Pandor'a box with the spilling out of the contents of class resentment and what not.
    I also restate an idea put to me actually by another collector that these posts (but not by Mr. Bruce) have the ultimate purpose to create insecurity in the minds of collectors, ala the post 11 September era, to undermine the fundamentals of the undertaking and thus reduce the number of collectors in pursuit of high end old foetid woolens and cast off Nazi junk. I know more than one prominent collector (whose objects grace the Schiffer books) who willfully spreads misinformation and lies to drive other collectors out of the field and thus enrich himself at the expense of others. In this he imitates the behavior of others, some of whom are glamor dealers, who impeach other persons collectibles in order to scoop them up in a Spencerian, social Darwinist world. This trait is more despicable to my mind that fake cap badges (Donnerwetter!) or greedy dealers.

    But our purpose here, I assert, is to learn more about this regalia. If you people want to have brawls each day about the unfairness of collecting and the hateful characters that flourish in same, then please do it somewhere else where the process will not dis spirit other collectors or you can open a "scull" and "over priced foetid woolens" thingy on Twitter and Facebook and do it all there....

    I want a place to give grades about historical knowledge on websites as compensation.
    damit, basta.

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