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LAH Cypher

Article about: Hi all, Pretty sure this is good in the sea of fakes out there although difficult to reference due to lack of decent material on these. Good detail on cypher and impressioning on board. Beli

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    Default Re: LAH Cypher

    Hi Adrian,

    Finally managed to get round to uploading some
    more pictures. Sorry for the delay, hope they are ok?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture LAH Cypher   LAH Cypher  

    LAH Cypher   LAH Cypher  

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    Hi Ade,

    Finally uploaded some more pip photos for you to look at. Sorry for the delay.

    Thanks again,
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    Matt, for all the reasons you stated and the quality that is apparent, in my very humble opinion I believe the cypher is original. The angle on the sides from the face to the bottom vertical portion is superb. I guess is could be forged but would be difficult. I need to defer comment on the pip to Ade or others.


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    To be honest I like both the Pip and the Cypher. Would I drop a lot of my hard earned cash on all of it though, I would be carefull. If several of the big boys have expressed doubt or at least are not at some type of consensus I would take that as a type of red flag on its own. Original period items are always the same, copies are constantly changing and getting better. Just my two cents on this one.



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    The photo of the pip shows that it is an original. I think the LAH cypher looks good also. Congratulations!!!

    Bob Hritz

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    Thanks for the extra pics of the pips. These are nice originals.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks to everyone for the input on this one.

    Best rgds,

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    sincerely i have some concerns on this cypher. Off course we usually judge fake too many LAH cyphers, but, i'm little cautios on it.
    I don't like some angles and generally quality of details. As i said we usually judge as fake many good LAH cyphers so i will really happy if my doubts will be vanished.

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    Hi Mauro,
    Thanks for comments. Having had a number
    Of good and bad LAH cyphers in hand this is the best ive
    Held in 5 or 6 years and im very sceptical
    About them all.
    The detail in hand is very good in front and at
    The rear and the sizing dimensions etc are in line
    With what little manufacturing information is
    available on these that ive been able to source.
    The aging, indentation and colour
    Transfer from cypher to the board is consistent
    With it being in place for some considerable time and
    And the die striking is acurate and consistent, also there
    Is no trace of tool marking at rear.
    In the end it is a case of am i comfortable
    With the cypher and in this case i am but really appreciate
    Any comments from all members as i am by no means an
    Expert on any of this :-/

    Cheers again,

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    Default Re: LAH Cypher

    When i think about an original nco LAH cypher i think about this:

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