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LAH standarte

Article about: This standart located in the museum of Soviet Army in Moscow, pictures by V.Ulyanov

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    Those are the first close-ups of the bullion work I have ever seen--quality doesn't even begin to describe it.

    Rumor had it in the 60s/70s and 80s that members of the LAH removed the flag from the post at the end of the war and buried it in some undisclosed location with their deceased comrades to prevent it's capture, , and that was why the Soviets did not have the standard. Turned out it was just another SS urban legend, as the Soviets had it the entire time.

    Have they put it back with the pole yet?

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    Several years back there was a traveling exhibit of some Russian war booty that came through to Memphis and this flag was among the exhibits. I'm searching for any pictures that I had. I think it was called WWII Through Russian Eyes. They had a street scene that recreated the famous photos of the captured German standartes spread on cobble stones and the remains of the massive Reichs Chancellery eagle as it lay in the rubble.

    Not much here but this was where the exhibit was in Memphis. World War II Through Russian Eyes
    All the best,

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    So much time has passed since the Russian exhibit was in the U.S. I have found just a few pictures of the same exhibit in the Russian Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow. The Reich's Chancellery eagle has been laid in front of the flags display. In the traveling exhibit the eagle was off to the side and you could walk the full length of the span of fallen standartes. In the picture with the eagle you can see the LAH standarte pole. As I recall the actual standarte and the pole were not together and were separated by some distance. I'll keep looking to see if I can find my photos.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture LAH standarte   LAH standarte  

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the pics, herrg. I recall reading somewhere long ago that when the victory parade took place, the Standards were bowed to the ground, and as a result the ribbons with their metal plaquettes made a clanging noise, and the announcer (Ehrenburg?)
    said something to the effect that "yes, these are the sounds of the political execution of fascism...."

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    An amazing flag. Next to the missing Blutfahne, this piece is likely the foremost flag, top and pole set made during the 3rd Reich.
    Thank you for sharing the images.


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    hey, it very iteresting because one of this pic it is a logo of my home city back in Poland --> city is called: Elblag

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    In doing some research on different Standarten of the Allgemeine SS I accidentally came across this thread. Seeing it hasn't been up since 2009 I thought I'd bump it as it's merit certainly warrants a reviewing and more than sixteen comments. A thank you to Dimas for posting this all them years ago. Finding it has made my day!

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    I was somewhat able to restore the cloudy picture from your original post as well....
    LAH standarte

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    Nice bump.
    Mr. Dimas has showed us many nice things over the years. I send him my thanks.

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