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Large group of SS cloth insignia

Article about: Hello everyone, here's another group of items I'm looking into. Everything looks alright to me, but I did have some doubts about the BEVO runic tab and the camouflage adler. I've never seen

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    Thanks for the input everyone. It's a real shame, I honestly don't think the seller was trying to rip me off, as I've purchased some genuine items from him before . I just think he jumped the gun a bit on this group. Live and learn I suppose.

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    Could be piece by piece has been switched out on the pillow by a greedy relative, or neighbour brat. The veteran didnt know- just saw it was all there. He dies and it comesfor sale as "original"
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    Just my two cents Todd the lastfewdays you have looked at a few lots, maybe with their being consistent problems with the lots you should be looking to pick up items individually that you are most interested in.
    However it is just an opinion.

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    Sorry, but I would pass on the entire lot. Fakes and damaged bits. Not worth acquiring.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Trying to save money on items like this and others you are looking at are a quick way to getting stung, take your time, buy items individually from reputable sources for the going rate until you know what your doing, only then try to shop for "bargains". In most cases, if its online and cheap then its bad.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks everyone, and I do understand the merit of buying from a reputable source. I can hop on RupturedDuck and pick up a genuine item any day of the week, but the hunt is half the reason why I collect. I'm not impulsive with my money, I know that if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't, but I still feel its at least worth a cursory examination. That's just the treasure hunter in me though. I'm grateful for the resource and knowledge of the members of this forum. If it weren't for you fine people, I'd probably have a collection full of junk, or I'd have given up on militaria
    and just collected Beanie Babies.

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    Only sleeve edelweiss has a chance to be original. All other are garbage

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