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Leather SS cap for review.

Article about: Hello friends, I would like to ask for your review on this cap. The leather is very thin and does not have that "new" smell. Both totenkopf and button appear to be unmarked. As alw

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    Quote by fffmozer View Post
    were there any original leather caps like this_
    I do believe there may have been - just not officially issued by the military / political organizations of the Reich .
    Remember that this style ( " Bergmütze " ) was a popular civilian cap too , long before the war .
    It is entirely possible that one of these in leather found its way into service - but it will then not have an issue tag ( let alone a fantasy tag as shown here ) , and I know of no period pictures yet ..

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    Circuit advertisement Leather SS cap for review.
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    Hi all,

    I want to thank all of you for your time and rapid response, with your help i was able to avoid a disaster.
    I also give special thanks to the "blue oyster boys", for a good laugh!

    Take care,


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    This thread reminded me of a hat that a friend(?) recently sent me from the Ukraine...I have never yet decided if it was a well-meaning but horrible thing or an insult, but I never mentioned it to them. I have no idea why they sent me this, though, but I couldn't very well just throw it in the trash(it's actual Leather, so it could not have been Too cheap....although it Looked cheap..). I decided to modify it abit and so, I stripped off the thin cardboard-like strap and dangling tin buttons and the plastic red star on the front, and these bits Did find themselves in the bin. Next, I hunted around in some odds and ends and junk boxes in the basement and came up with a WWII US Navy officer's hat Sterling silver eagle that was missing it's crossed anchors and installed it in the star's former position. And, voila! I now had an almost wearable cap!

    Leather SS cap for review.Leather SS cap for review.Leather SS cap for review.Leather SS cap for review.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    People that make these caps should be punished!

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    People who sell these as originals, with intent to swindle should be punished!


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    Quote by KRISSE View Post
    People that make these caps should be punished!
    But not by whipping, for they might just enjoy that.

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