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Looking to buy SS insigna

Article about: Greetings, i am new to this forum and i simply want to ask where i can buy SS colar tabs(prefferbly Wiking division) that are defenetly real in order to sew it on a allgemeine SS repro jacke

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    The interest in the "Wiking" division sadly points in the same direction as do the mistakes in basic grammar.



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    Thanks for the reply gentlemen.

    First off i want to mention that i did read about some accounts of Wiking tabs being mounted on black SS uniforms when it was still in use. I can't excacly remember where i read this but i could be wrong, which i most likely am since you are the experts.

    Secondly Whats wrong with sewing original insignas to a repro uniform? Does it really loose that much value after gaining few small holes in it, if it is done professionally that is, or is it simply ridiculous for an amatur collector to mix a genuine item with a replica? And i already got 2 replica sets which i think are the crappy paper filled ones and not worth to put on my high quality replica jacket, i have never found a site that sells quality replicas, atleast quality enough to be made with the correct "canvas" inside instead of paper.

    And third; My name is supposed to be comical, sorry if it offends anyone :S


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    Quote by Fasistinn View Post
    Secondly Whats wrong with sewing original insignas to a repro uniform?
    Ohhh, I dunno...everything.

    The same reasons you don't apply period un-used decals on a crap Chinese repro helmet. It's just wrong on so many levels. That WHY reproductions are made.

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    We do not allow any politics or political names etc especially fascist or anti semitic related on this forum so i suggest that a name change is in order asap !!

    What you do with anything you buy is up to you of course but you won't find many here who would put $1000 original collar tabs on a $50 dollar repro tunic.

    Trust me "Wiking" tabs as you describe them were never on any Black SS Uniforms , i'd do more research on Wiking tabs if i were you !
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    Let us not waste any more time arguing on this... Itīs just a sad post.



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