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looking for photos of Rühle, Gerhard / sd

Article about: This mite be a long shot , i am looking for photos of the above name he seems to have got around so if any one has any books on the below areas , would be much appreciated if you come across

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    Default looking for photos of Rühle, Gerhard / sd

    This mite be a long shot , i am looking for photos of the above name
    he seems to have got around so if any one has any books on the below areas , would be much appreciated if you come across photos bearing his name . thanks

    Rühle, Gerhard

    1) Lifespan:
    * 23 3.1905 Winnenden,
    † 1949 Innsbruck

    2) Education:
    Elementary school
    High School
    Studied law
    Studying Economics

    3) Biography:
    1912/13, primary school in Uchtspringe at Stendal,
    1913-March 1915 Preschool City Gymnasium in Halle,
    March 1915-7.3.1924 Reform Real Gymnasium in Halle,
    Nov. 1923/24 in the Emergency League Halle / S.,
    7 3.1924 High School,
    April 1924-April 1928 Studied law at the Universities of Munich, Halle and Frankfurt aM,
    April 1924-March 1925 at the same time studying economics,
    1924-Feb. 1925 GVG Munich / Schwabing section,
    1924/25, the federal government Oberland in Munich,
    14 4.1925 NSDAP (No. 694),
    1.8.1925-1.5.1926 deputy local leader and secretary of the local chapter of Halle / S. the NSDAP,
    1 8.1925 SA,
    1 8.1925-15. 2.1926 active SA man in Halle / S.,
    16/2/1926 SS (No. 290)
    16/2/1926 SS man
    16.2.1926-1.6.1927 active SS man in Halle / S., Munich and Frankfurt aM,
    April 1926 NSDStB,
    April-Sept.1926 member of the NS-university group of NSDStB in Munich, Nov.1926-Febr.1928 member of the Chamber of the student body Frankfurt aM,
    Nov. 1926-April1927 third President of the student body Frankfurt May 1927 Febr. 1928 First Chairman of the Frankfurt student body
    ("First president of a National Socialist student body in the kingdom"),
    1 6.1927 exit from the SS "for higher education policy overload and the determination that public office holders should not be members of the SA or SS"
    1928-1930 Head of the Legal Department of the Gau Hessen-Nassau-South of the NSDAP,
    05/19/1928 First State Examination (trainee exam) in Frankfurt aM,
    1.8.1928-19.7.1930 court clerk in the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt aM,
    October 1928 BNSDJ (No. 23),
    1929-June 1931 Head of the Press Department of Gau Hessen-Nassau-South of the NSDAP,
    Feb.-Sept. 1930 editor of the Nazi newspaper "Frankfurter Beobachter", 19 7.1930 "excreted in the course of proceedings brought against me procedure for political activity for the NSDAP" from the judicial service, 1930 kingdom speaker of the NSDAP,
    Okt.1930-June 1931 Head of the Teaching Department of Gau Hessen-Nassau-South of the NSDAP,
    1.11.1930-30.6.1931 district leader of the circle V (West Germany) of NSDStB,
    Nov. 1930-August 1931 Elder of the German student body in a circle V,
    Nov. 1930-December 1931 Acting District Director of the Groß-Frankfurt NSDAP (representative of the district leader Peter 3Gemeinder)
    Jan. 1931 HJ,
    Jan.-June 1931 Gauführer Hessen-Nassau-South of the Hitler Youth,
    29 3.1931-30. 6.1932 kingdom trainer of NSDStB,
    June 1931 resigned from the HJ
    1.7.1931-30.6.1932 district leader of the circle X (Berlin-Brandenburg-Ostmark-East Pomerania) of NSDStB (Berlin),
    July 1931-July 1932 Elder of the German student body,
    Aug. 1931-June 1932 Youth secretary (sometimes also speaker Instructor) at the Greater Berlin Gau of the NSDAP,
    Sept.1931-June 1932 Gauverbandsführer east of NSSchülerbundes (Berlin),
    until June 1932 the editor of the "Berlin students signals" (organ of the circle X of NSDStB)
    7 5th-29th 6.1932 Deputy Reichsführer of NSDStB (Munich) May 1932-14. 10.1933 editor of student affairs for the fraction of the NSDAP in the Prussian Parliament, Member of the Legal Committee of the Prussian Landtag,
    May 1932-March 1933 Member of the Teaching Committee and the Committee of Physical Education of the Prussian Landtag,
    June 1932 transferred to Munich,
    30 6.1932-1.2.1933 Reichsführer of NSDStB,
    1932/33, editor of the newspaper "The German Student" (organ of NSDStB).
    February-April 1933 staff director of the Political Office of the NSDAP,
    April 30th 11.1933 in the private service contract with the Prussian state operates,
    June 1933-November 1935 Reichsgruppenleiter Reichsgruppe young lawyers in BNSDJ,
    1 7.1933-15. 11.1935 personal assistant and press officer of the top presidents of the provinces of Brandenburg and border Posen-West Prussia,
    2 10.1933-1944 member of the Academy of German Law (Munich),
    Nov. 1933-1945 Member of the Verification court at the Reichstag,
    1 12.1933 takeover in the civil service,
    1 12.1933 Government,
    Jan.1934-1935 editor of the magazine "Jugendund law" (organ of the Reich Group young lawyers in BNSDJ)
    Feb. 1934-Nov.1935 Regional Inspector of Gaus Kurmark the NSDAP, Feb.-31. 12.1934 department manager in the legal department of the national leadership of the NSDAP,
    01/01/1935 Head of Office in the Reich Law Office of the NSDAP,
    16.11.1935 deputy, tasked with managing the district office Calau
    Nov. 1935-14. 11.1936 chief officer for border and foreign issues in the Gauleitung Kurmark the NSDAP,
    Nov. 1935-June 1936 Gauführer Kurmark of BNSDJ,
    16.6.1936-13.2.1939 (up to 01/30/1937 Acting) District Administrator of Calau, a member of the Association of Berlin-Brandenburg,
    June 1936 NSRB,
    June 1936-Feb. 1939 Gauführer (Gauwalter) Kurmark of NSRB,
    12 9.1937 readmission to the General SS (with the old No. 290) as an SS man,
    12 9.1937 SS-Hauptsturmführer,
    21 9.1938 Corporal dR,
    9 11.1938 SS-Sturmbannführer,
    14 2.1939 Entry into the Foreign Office,
    14 2.1939 Senior Legation Counsellor,
    15 2.1939 the Head of the Cultural Policy Department of the Foreign Office allocated
    25 8.1939-21. 7.1941 speaker for broadcasting matters (Head of the Broadcasting Unit) and Deputy Head of the Cultural Policy Department of the Foreign Office,
    20 4.1941 SS-Obersturmbannführer,
    10 7.1941 Minister, First Class,
    22 7.1941-1945 head of the Radio Division (from 13 2.1942 broadcast Political Affairs Division) of the Foreign Office,
    30 1.1942 SS-Standartenführer.

    4) SS Ranks:
    12.09.1937 SS-Hauptsturmführer
    09.11.1938 SS-Sturmbannführer
    20.04.1941 SS-Obersturmbannführer
    01.30.1942 SS-Standartenführer

    5) Sources:
    Picture: Recording date: 1938, or earlier; signature: Public Domain

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    just a bump as i am still looking for any new info . thanks

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    I only know this one:

    Gerhard Ruhle – Wikipedia

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    I only know this one:

    Gerhard Ruhle – Wikipedia
    thanks yes i know that one

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