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Looking for SS grouping suggestions for display with dagger

Article about: With the recent purchase of an SS Dagger, I would like to add some insignia with the intention of creating a nice accurate grouping display. I'm looking for suggestions for insignia which wo

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    I'm currently working toward a display which will contain a dagger, black visor, armband, collar tab set, and medal: all being positioned around a black uniform on a mannequin. If these items are displayed in a "artistic" way, it can create quite the appealing look.
    Good luck with your search and remember to always post any potential purchase prior to sending payment, especially SS items. Thankfully, I have only the black tunic and dagger to go, which is no easy task.

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    A great inexpensive start would be a Kampfbinde..a belt buckle..and a party pin. Friedrich is absolutely correct...with the time range of an early SS dagger....unless you are looking for an early matching uniform and accoutrements. These daggers just didnt get handed out when ordered,,,there was a time process....and depending when the dagger was ordered especially an early type..made towards the end of 1935....finally made it through SS channels and distribution that was already 1936!.. The Uniforms and accoutrements have already changed. For this specific dagger the exact production date would be hard to pin down. Regards Larry
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    Looking for SS grouping suggestions for display with daggerLooking for SS grouping suggestions for display with daggerOr this, with the SS literature as part of the regalia.
    damit, basta.

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    Or, if one black Looking for SS grouping suggestions for display with daggercoat is not good enough, then several as a contrast, and with the expensive, white buck gloves. The gloves contrast with the dagger....!
    damit, basta.

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    Do let me also say this: a dagger is an expensive thing, which should be set off by items of aesthetic and otherwise value that are visually interesting and not a cliche.
    A photograph would also work, to my mind, versus the standard patch work of objects we so often see.
    When in doubt, look in our Muetzenfabrik file for the shop windows of the epoch for how these things were displayed at the time....Looking for SS grouping suggestions for display with dagger
    damit, basta.

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