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LSSAH slip on Infantry boards

Article about: I got these several years ago. I think that they are alright. I want to be sure before listing them in the classifieds. Time to make room.

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    Quote by bsiwula1 View Post
    . With FB'S departure a hole was left here on the forum, .

    Forgive my intruding on your thread... I admit to picking and choosing which threads I follow.
    Does Friedrich - Berthold no longer contribute to this forum?
    I had noticed his recent absence and, if that's the case, then it is indeed a great loss.

    I hope he is taking a temporary hiatus and has not become exasperated with our amateurish understanding and repeated misunderstandings.
    His expert knowledge of foetid woolens, his remarkable inkling of the contextual relevance, .....his sense of humour and questioning of methods, motivations and madness has been a focal point for my enjoyment of this forum.
    I implore his close colleagues to beg his return.
    With respect, Paul

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    No intrusion Paul. It's a rather long story with alot of moving parts and subplots. So for the sake of time short answer is yes a hiatus of sorts. You will on occasion see FB give a like or thanks for a post but doesn't respond as he used to. We..myself certainly included have felt a great loss with his and equally important Bob Coleman s lack of frequency in responses, but I'm optimistic that they may return and participate, perhaps not to the extent that they had used to but still be interactive. They both know what their contributions have meant over the years here and have seen an outpouring of appreciation for what they have done and endured during that time. To say they least they deserve a well needed break from the chaos. And the frustration they have experienced while spent teaching us and the fly by night posters wanting a free appraisal, often not even getting a thank you in return for their efforts and time. I cannot speak for them but rather give you my interpretation of how I assume they must feel. I'm POSITIVE i speak for everyone here when I say I hope they can see past the transgressions and return to the forum even if just to give a response or two a week and to let folks know they are still alright. In any event the knowledge they had left here on the forum in previous posts and replies is enough research to answer a lifetime of inquiries. All one can do is hold out hope and wish them the best as they deserve it for their efforts spent here over the years.


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    CBH is online now


    It's a very sad state of affairs, members who made this place what it is are now MIA.
    Bob Coleman, Friedrich-B, Big Ned, to name but a few, they are all sorely missed.
    Their absence is greatly felt and lamented by those who remain here.
    Hopefully they will return but my hopes for this lessen with every passing day.
    They are Missed.
    Cheers Chris

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    Thanks for your explanations, gentlemen.
    These senior contributors have such a broad and deep knowledge, that I'm sure their patience of the many superficial and facile questions and comments must have limits.
    F.B., in particular, went beyond simply casting his opinion and I cant count the number of times he goes to great lengths to seek the opinions and expertise of his own mentors to get to the heart of a matter.
    Simply "Liking" or "Thank´ng" their posts is no measure of our immense appreciation in their sharing of knowledge that was not easily won.
    Regards, Paul

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    Perhaps trying to emulate and maintain the high standards of probity and courtesy set by the senior members will be the lest we can do.

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    Yes, I agree, On this site all members here suffered a great loss and the absents of these knowledgeable gentlemen.

    It's sad when so called grown men act like little boys. All of these site start out great then after a few years all good senior knowledgeable people get pounded relentlessly .

    I have been a second Moderator on another site so I know how these men who left here feel. These site are like other forms of social media, like Face, Book, Twitters. People sit in from of there monitors, and have no filters and blast there crap on to others as they hide behind there screens.

    These are not teaching forums any more just attack and degrading each other. A real sad pity what mankind has turned into.

    Real true collectors should teach, and share there knowledge to future new un experienced collectors. The men who left here are teachers, and are not arrogant individuals who feel the need to prove some something to somebody. These are true role models.

    Don't we all in some way come to learn. and give freely our knowledge? A pity few will read this posting here. The people who should read it won't. Just My Humble Opinion.. I too will leave here soon. I too am growing tired of peoples arrogants. I hope that these sites will survuve, but i doubt it.
    Last edited by SS gentleman; 10-20-2017 at 04:19 AM.

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    Pretty Sure you got plenty of good information on this thread... You received MANY pictures and explanations for the slip on's you posted, in addition - stating you have seen these same boards get thumbs up from experts, but show us none of this.

    I'm sorry - but this board is better than most and yes, people do get tired of explaining things over and over again. But, what is truly wrong here is when one makes a hard statement and can't back it up.....

    That said, if one feels compelled to do something in regards to selling an item others do not like, so be it. Back in the day this happened often. Collectors would share information with a tight knit circle while others would buy items this circle didn't approve of.

    I think you have been given much explanation to your question and you didn't agree with the answers. As is the case with many posts and this wont be the last. If someone doesn't agree with you or me, it doesn't mean the hobby, this site, or others are "doomed."

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    CBH is online now


    We still wait to hear on what forum these LAH insignia were deemed as original ?

    It's a simple question, but one you seem to avoid.
    Cheers Chris

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