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My new named SS CAPE.

Article about: As far as the eagle its a shame,but I am in the act of replacing it soon,the eagle is \\$3800 alone!!as far as the lengtht being shortened,it in my opinion was done period,it has German period

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    Default My new named SS CAPE.

    This is the one from Arthuy Hayes book,just bought it from him,Im second owner since the Vet who brought it back including Arthur,It was shortened during the period by a flashy officer Id imagine!It was the officer's choice as well as the velvet collar.ALL thread is of German period construction.Only down point,but why I could afford it is the denazified eagle,Im in the works of replacing it ,but for now having a matched swastika made to join to the eagle.What bullion work is on that eagle wow!!Well Im in seventh heaven here,Ive admired this cape since I saw it in hayes book years ago.It belonged to SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Drake.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    I am puzzled as to why the bullion eagle was de-Nazified, while the other
    accoutrements were left alone ? Is it possible that the two front pieces
    with chain were replaced at some point, post-war................?


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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    The name of the holder was SS-Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Drape, not Drake. He was attached to the Staff SS-Hauptamt at the time. He finished the war as SS-Standartenführer.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    Arthur had gotten from the vet directly who said he had found it with it snipped swastika in europe after the war , and fortunately whoever did it didnt grind off the eagles no tools at teh time?They are not as blaring as an arm eagle?,,that is teh facts direct from the vet who also gave Arthur the famous Fulda Werra uniform and one other in his book.Even if it was replaced which it hasnt been,it wouldnt really matter that much if it was real,and that it is!!could have been removed and and put back on but dont think so prongs look to have been bent only once,and they are tight,this forms a very defined circle in wool and lining,if another set had been on it or it was put back on,youd definately see another set of impressions,,also Ive seen many things denazified in stranger ways with NO explanation,and so have many otthers Ive spoken with..In this case its one of those things done period as it was found just this way in germany,I believe the vet is still alive,maybe I can arrange a phone call,love to know where he got the stuff.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    That was a misprint sorry,and thanks for teh info on him,I saw teh same info on the internet but wasnt sure it was same man.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    What a fantastic looking piece, i hate to think what the cost was but its worth every penny, especially with such a great provenance

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    Congratulations on the fine addition to your collection. Stechbarth was one of the leading tailors in league with Holters, I believe. Well done.My new named SS CAPE.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    Drop dead gorgeous cape.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    A stunning item.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: My new named SS CAPE.

    If I just bought this, the next morning I'd jump out of my bed and run to see if I REALLY got it and it was'n't just a wet dream! LOL! Seriously, though, I pulled that maneuver the morning after my friend gave me his vet Grandfathers Panzer beret he brought back! I lteraly flew out bed to see if It was truly mine. Nice piece man, I'm stoked for you!

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