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nazi Lot real or memorez

Article about: Hi Eric, it does compare OK, as ever, the back is key. I will save the pic. Cheers, Ade.

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    One thing for me that this informative thread ( no pun intended ) has shown is that the 'oracles' living amongst us need to document these truisms before they go the way of all men. If not, we will be batting opinions back and forth 'ad infinitum' and never arriving at the conclusion.

    I am forever learning but concede that there may well be more to learn that a lifetime can allow!

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    I thank you all for the information. It has been a learning experience. I went back and talked with the guy and told him what has transpired on this forum and he sold me the lot of fake stuff cheap. Now for the big question. What price would folks pay for reproductions of these items. This is for my flea market now.

    - - Updated - -

    OH yea. F-B you have been most informative and thank Mr. D for his input as well. Kept me from making a big mistake.

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    Bear in mind that the fake bevo cufftitles can be purchased from Reddick Militaria of Pottsboro, Texas, wholesale, one bevo style @ $9.oo each, ( only $7.oo each in assorted titles of 10 or more ); and another bevo style @ $7.50 each, ( only $5.50 each of 10 or more ). Some of their RZM style SS cufftitles are, wholesale, $5.40 each ( only $4.95 each in quantities of ten or more).

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    Error: sorry for the confusion,- it should read 9.00 each & 7.00 each in qty; & 7.50 each & 5.50 each in qty; & for the RZM's 5.40 each & 4.95 each in qty. Their retail prices & pictures of their repros can be seen on their website.

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    Stuff looks so good it's like it was never there...

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    From the following quote which I missread several weeks ago, it appears to me to say I have several real cuff titles in this group.

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Here is the assessment of my senior mentor, David Delich, and he knows whereof he speaks.

    ".....The RZM "Hitlerjugend" is a definite fake, as this
    band never was made in this form. The BeVo
    "Langemarck" is one of the famous "book marks"
    for lack of a better term. I can't speak for the
    1936 Spanien" band, but have seen this band
    in a much be tter manufacture. This one appears
    VERY suspicious. All else apears authentic.
    All determinations made from the photo only...."

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    For our readers a more detailed analysis by my senior mentor, David Delich, for your reflection.

    "....The "BeVo" Langemarck is shown here first. Most references do not
    shown the EM version exclusively of rayon or silk thread -- they show
    the officer version with letters made like flatwire, but are really cellon.
    They also have the officer-type borders similar to the alu. borders,
    but are also cellon borders. The BeVo "Langemarck" is made
    identically to all other BeVo bands. Note also that the genuine band
    has much smaller, more delicate letters. And finally, the repro has
    an all-white reverse except for where the letters shown through.
    The genuine piece has a black/grey waffle pattern.
    Second is the just-discussed officer-pattern Langemarck
    title with the cellon letters and silk/rayon borders. It also has a
    waffle pattern reverse.
    I did not notice the "Wallonien" RZM title before as it was not
    shown enlarged except for its reverse. No matter. It is
    speculative that an RZM Wallonien band was ever made. The
    jury is still out re: this piece. But, you can take my word for it,
    this manufacture is not in the running. It's made very crudely,
    just like the Hitlerjugend. The letters were never ultra-thin
    and slanted like the one being considered.
    Next is an "Afrikakorps" title. From what I see, the example
    amid the grouping is genuine. The quickest way to determine
    the genuineness of an "AK" title is to look at the shape of
    the interior of the "O" in the word. If it is ROUND, the band
    is real; if it is OVAL, it is not.
    The 1936Spanien1939 title shown here, is the ONLY pattern I
    am aware of. Crude versions of this abound, but since it was
    issued in very limited numbers, specifically on the dress tunic,
    it would appear very crude being worn in a "ragged condition"
    as shown in the grouping. Its manufacture is s tated very
    specifically in the text, which does not vary to include crude,
    wool embroidered examples...."

    - - Updated - -

    I would rely on David Delich with the surety of a sleep walker......
    In the above quote David Delich is giving his advice. He says severa cuff titles are questionable but the rest appear to be authentic. I love it.


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    I would like to know what is good here other than the DAK.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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