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Oberbayern Pic

Article about: I recently purchased this picture of an SS/TV Mann wearing an Oberbayern tunic lacking a Sturm number on the collar patch.

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    Oberbayern PicFurther, there is much greater access to the pictorial record in its diversity in the year 2012 than surely was the case in the mid 1960s, though Mollo used the primary documentary sources to erect a solid foundation. He was also seized more of a scholarly bent than many of those who have labored with mixed effect in these vineyards since then. In a way, the Schiffer books which appear to reign at the moment are misleading, because they are not really historical, and just a compendium with an overemphasis on this handful of existing uniforms in a very few hands.

    The lack of knowledge about the evolution of the SS as manifests itself on these fora is quite shocking, even if this process was fairly complicated, it still can be reconstructed from a careful reading of a handful of works.

    But I am a man of the mid 20th century and cannot jump over my shadow.

    thanks to Mr. d'Alquen for his help here.
    damit, basta.

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    Oberbayern PicOberbayern PicOberbayern PicOberbayern PicOberbayern PicOberbayern PicAny time spent with such primary sources as Uniformenmarkt or the Mitteilungsblaetter der RZM will quickly reveal the short comings of many of these books of the recent past we have discussed, which suffer from being two dimensional and very incomplete. Mollo used these sources as a pioneer.
    damit, basta.

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    Friedrich-Berthold makes an extremely valid point about the visual material we have at our disposal these days. In earlier collecting times a single, new image of the SS was a cause for celebration. Now, rarely a week goes by without the internet offering up a hitherto unknown contemporary picture of a piece of rare insignia. Of all of the new aspects that the web brings to this hobby, period pictorial evidence is, in my opinion, the most valuable.

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    Thanks for the intervention. The cascade of images is pretty impressive, so long as certain persons can interpret them properly. Such knowledge is not as wide spread as you or I would like. All the more reason that your readers here await from you a conventional printed work with your collected learning on this arcane, but important subject.
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    damit, basta.

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    Oberbayern PicHere is an example of what Mr. d'Alquen is talking about as concerns the ever expanding visual record in the digital cosmos, and examples of uniforms we would all like to own, somehow.
    damit, basta.

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