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Article about: The authentic item is made of textiles that are, despite all claims of heaps of old cloth left over that have been whipped into perfect frauds, fairly unique. Moreover, the handicraft, art,

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    Default original?

    Hi. I am new. It`s my first post. I want to buy a SS black uniform. Somebody send pictures (I don't know how upload them whith android) And write the uniform is not tailor. ?!
    Somebody can help me please?.
    Thank you very much. Greetings.

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    Circuit advertisement original?
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    You have lots of pictures of black SS uniforms here, to be sure.

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    Someone else can help with the pictures, but this site is really the only one with a majority of images of real black SS uniforms.

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    original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?original?In generalizing, there were indeed black SS uniforms made by a tailor, and then those made in clothing factories or whatever, that were issued. We can explain how to understand these distinctions, if you show us your images. Black SS uniforms have been faked as long as they have existed, which is a very long time, indeed.
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    Welcome are in the correct forum..and to forward photos to you would be an overgreat advice is to read through some of the "sticky threads close the top of this forum. The SS had many varied branches..also the time period played a great role in tailoring. Not all uniforms are alike. Begin your research..and some of the best in this Institution will be able to help out. Regards Larry
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    And our Mr. Larry C. is a fine moderator and guardian of our happiness on this site, to be sure!

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    Does anyone think something else will happen in this space?

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    Welcome to the forum Venezia.

    If you need help to post some pics, drop me a PM.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Good morning. Thank you very much Berthold and Larry.
    Yesterday I could not reply because had the movil. I hate Android!!!. It¨s imposible for me!.

    I was following the thread of another user on the forum and decided to register for the insights emanating from your posts. And the vast experience of Berthold.
    I am delighted that you have responded.

    Here are the pictures


    I will be waiting your opinion.

    Many thanks. Greetings.

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    Many thanks Adrian.
    Finally I could upload the pictures.

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