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Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

Article about: My thing is Heer so I'm quite rusty when it comes to SS cloth. I've never seen this style tunic with pockets before, but then again I'm only going by what my books show me which is certainly

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    Thanks "Frog".....I did go and pic up a few of the books you mentioned. I went to AMAZON as they had tons of the books in question.

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    My first post!
    Are we done with the uniform? I just wanted to ask what makes one argue that the jacket is a M44 and therefore incorrect? Especially the interior shot makes that thing look to me M43ish.

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    Hi wwmilitaria! Welcome to the forum.

    I guess you could say we're done since I'm the one who originally posted the jacket for feedback. I didn't end up buying it due to the feedback on this forum and another one as well. Too many questionable details about the jacket.

    Are you suggesting that it is indeed authentic?

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    as others probably said: it's hard to tell from the pictures. but what I have read on the actual arguments of some of the replies they didn't convince me. I actually liked the material as far as I could tell, short nap wool. On the other hand: the insignia may be sewn on later (not uncommon is it?) but that doesn't mean the uniform is fake. As far as I know I own a lot of genuine uniforms that I have completed with original or replica insignia like many collectors do.
    Then they got so caught up in that whole M 44 thing, but the jacket in your pic doesn't look M44.
    Anyways...just my opinion
    The pictures where to bad to tell from them alone.

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    The pants are not "breeches" by the way...they're Keilhose mit rundbund M43

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    Quote by blackheart0866 View Post
    Thanks for the info on the books, and ill order them as sokn as i check , or eBay for them.

    And, yes I'll keep posting ads, but i am sick and tired of certain peoples comments when ever myself or other post things here, It makes some of us not want to post things, because, we are not such experts as the ones flaming whatever we post.

    The books dont all ways answer every question.

    post away my friend!Books alone are worth nix....hands-on inspections of the real thing are a must if you want to become proficient in the hobby, for many books contain misleading info or show questionable items!Keep posting and don't care about the "cognoscenti" who talk other people down!
    When someone pops out and slam your items simply go to their profile and see what they've posted...more often than not they haven't started a single thread and if asked as to why they don't post they'll sure reply that they don't want any burglar to come to their home at night and take Heinrich Himmler's uniforms away!

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    Default Re: Is this an original SS Tunic & Breeches?

    wow i have cammo unifroms of the waffen ss and thats about it lol still as im primarily a modellor it was the best source to get images from i posted an ss rank patch from a cammo sleeve t ofind out its authenticity based on beavers book but as of yet have had no replies and 100 plus looks

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