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Panzer Uniform

Article about: Firstly Hello & Happy New Year, I am hoping you guys can help me out on this uniform It consists of the Cap, Wrapper jacket and breeches. I know these are very expensive and sort after,

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    Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me on this subject I managed to contact the seller last night and will certainly let you know the outcome.

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    Panzer UniformPanzer UniformPanzer UniformHere is what a jacket of this type cost once upon a time at the source.

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    Notice that it is not called a "wrapper."
    damit, basta.

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    I repeat: the black breeches look real to me, and if they are of trikotage, they are something I would buy, as I need a spare pair for a Montur....
    damit, basta.

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    Notice that the field jacket in black for the armor personnel was worn with the field trousers, i.e. the renowned "Panzer pants."
    damit, basta.

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    ouch. hopefully you get a refund on your money. This club is so worth it, because besides making good friends, we all teach each other and look out for one another. Might i add the countless hours we all spend on critiquing and verifying items--Especially SS goods! Panzer wraps are very expensive, and when dropping money like that it is great to be able to ask the club for help. Good luck

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    I have just received some more photograph's of the cap and hoped you guys could just check for me to see if this is authentic. Thanks

    Panzer UniformPanzer UniformPanzer UniformPanzer UniformPanzer UniformPanzer Uniform

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    As this is not an SS item, may I suggest you post this in the cloth headgear forum for proper responses.


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    The hat is a fake, what is original- the eagle, the cockade is a field grey based, and someone just hide the field grey ends under the seam. The soutache is fake. Wrong shape . And wrong producer tag font and digit's font too

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    Hi Fella's

    I Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in identifying the authenticity of this uniform and I'm happy to announce I received a full refund today. I've been lucky with this one and will sure check with you guys first before my next purchase. Thanks again

    All the best

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