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Photo Reference of SS Reserve Collar Tabs

Article about: This photo was sold on a SoCal glamor dealer's site a little while ago. I know I have more photos of this type insignia. As for a one-piece type similar to signals, rider or motor Stas I'm n

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    I do so when time permits

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    Circuit advertisement Photo Reference of SS Reserve Collar Tabs
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    One of my first Insignias I got. Came out from Ansbach, for sure a Franconian example.
    Dated from 1935.

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    Quote by Robert H View Post
    One of my first Insignias I got. Came out from Ansbach, for sure a Franconian example.
    Dated from 1935.
    Absolutely stunning, my mouth literally dropped. Thank you very much for remembering, and taking the time to post it here.
    Your example and the one in the image from post #12 appears to match identically. The construction of the right "leg" on the R breaks up at the top, and stops at the same point as its opposite at the bottom. The image in post 11 appears to possibly be a different maker/variant as the legs of the R don't match in length, the weave is thicker on the curve, and the R itself is shorter. Just an observation, thanks again for your contribution.

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    you don't have to drop your mouth my friend.

    This is the same tab as shown in Ulric of Englands book inside of the Allg. SS 25-45.
    I supported him with reference material back when as I was living in the US.

    I know Bob Hritz as one example, and Delich as well. How many are still out no idea but in the Angolia SS cloth book
    is also one set shown with a 56 Hamburg numbered tab. Not sure who owns them.

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    Thank you, Robert. Very nice item. I must buy that book that has my old tunic in it...... I do wonder how much of this stuff does exist beyond our sight.
    damit, basta.

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    Here is another image of the SS reserve collar insignia. The image was taken at the 1937 Reichparteitag. The source of the image should be clear. Thanks
    Photo Reference of SS Reserve Collar Tabs

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    Well done. Very interesting, indeed. This thread should be elevated into the pinned heap. Bravo for the very careful and thoughtful analysis it so well contains!

    The pleased expressions in 1937 begs the question of the fate of these men in the later months, as one can well imagine them trashing synagogues in Kristalnacht or
    standing guard in the concentration camps in the Polizeiverstaerkung measures upon mobilization and so forth.
    damit, basta.

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