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Post your favorite SS Item!!

Article about: Now thats just greedy! Very nice!

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    Post your favorite SS Item!!Some lovely items guys. Here's some of my favourites - hard to choose though!

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    Circuit advertisement Post your favorite SS Item!!
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    Very great stuff fellas~

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    if i bought this my wife would beat me with it but I wouldnt mind as long as i got to keep it
    Quote by greimers View Post
    Attachment 325848Attachment 325850Apparently carried as a baton in the Viking division

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    I was gonna get this! you beat me to it! Congrats, i love the way these look
    Quote by doomtown View Post
    Attachment 326194Attachment 326195

    More on topic, here's my SS sports shirt patch(pictures are from the seller). I received this the other day and I had to pack it away for my upcoming move, but I wanted to show it off. I love thinking about how important athleticism was to the previous owner, more so than in other branches of service because this represented his racial fitness as well. It's also really nice to own an article with such attractive Sig Runes. While still just the patch for some guy's gym shirt, the importance that the SS put on fitness makes this a more valuable and desirable object in my eyes.

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    I've seen one before as said, it was SA and had a shield/emblem pinned on the pleather that covers scabbard
    Quote by Siegfried B View Post
    Hi Scout and yes it is very rare. This was not a homemade hanger as this actually had a patent number..(PA-Nr: 1333897-1934) and was created by a Leather maker by the name of Fritz Rasp. This hanger could be worn in the vertical carry position as it also had a rivet on the back of the sleeve to turn it on an angle and carried at a 45degree angle. Almost the same theory as the Chained SS. Of special note that the patent date is the same year as the SS RZM control number year. There are more of this type of hanger found on early SA examples in brown than there are its black counterpart. Attached are a few more photos.

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    Interesting info about the hanger.

    Quote by wolfslair View Post
    Post your favorite SS Item!!Some lovely items guys. Here's some of my favourites - hard to choose though!
    Wow, wolfslair

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    I must say, some of the bizarre pictures posted within this thread that have absolutely nothing to do with SS regalia is beyond me.
    Please enlighten us mortals how pictures of chickens in a field - or images of some theme park at night has anything remotely to do with "Post your favourite SS item"? Sometimes it seems like Groundhog Day on this website. Pages upon pages seem to be flooded with nonsencicle images that have no bearing on the article(s) that are intended to the original post. If normality is to prevail here, then let's keep this a sane and reasonable forum.
    Please, for the sake of this site to remain a "Beacon" of some sanity, please keep the posts relavent to the topic.
    No offence intended to those that may take offence - but let's keep the photos and images to what the topic is about.
    Steve (Wolfslair)

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    I have no dog in this fight, but I gladly take the odd non-thread related pic, as some of those who post these pics also contribute to this forum in a way, that its impossible to put a price on.
    A few odd (sometimes even entertaining?) pics in exchange for priceless info and pics of rare items = heck, yes!

    BTW As for relevant pics; the visor cap and sabre you posted above are simply fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you Scout for your compliments on my small contribution. May I add this, I have a larger SS collection that I want to remain private - I will only contibute to threads that I think are topical to the subject being put forward. A perpetual wheel of images and items that have no bearing on the topic
    that has been put forward, is not only confusing to the novice and advanced collector - but also makes the regular collector and enthusiest wonder ??
    Please keep it simple guys- That way we ALL can learn.

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    And thanks for your balanced post, wolfslair.
    I do not necessarily agree (at least not to the same degree), but hope that your dislike of certain pics will not deter you from posting further info and pics of those items, that you do choose to share.
    BTW I fully understand and respect your wish to keep certain parts of your collection private. Though we would like to see it all, it is a sensitive subject, as we are constantly reminded by the ongoing debate and the occasionel posts on the morals involved which pop up on the forum.

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