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Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

Article about: These items are potentially a goldmine, or possibly a landmine - they need to be examined in-hand. There is no other way to do it.

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    Default Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    I have been talking to a person, that states he has some original Waffen SS, and Allgemine SS uniforms.

    The thing is, he said he bought these about 20 years ago, from some auctions that movie production companies in Hollywood were having.

    Ive heard stories about the film companies had people there shortly after the war was over , and buying in bulk uniforms, and gear, supplies, and vehicles for future movie making.

    He said it has the correct stamping on the inside, but also has in a big white stamp the following;

    Property Of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

    Would this something that actually happened, and does anyone else own one of these, or has seen one before.

    Before i go any further with this guy, i was hoping someone could shed light on this for me...

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    i doubt that it is true,,,c/mon,,,Europe invaded by Hollywood property masters and costumers,,,i hardly doubt that they had much time to think about that with the ending of the war and all the misery and relief that it was over,,,my 2c

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    I know, but im not going to call a guy a liar, until i ask some questions from the experts in here.

    I mean Hollywood had to get majority of their items from some place..

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    A lot of the German stuff used in US productions was made "in house". But some could just be real. While in Eastern Europe most of their German props were real.

    Worth taking a look, never say never.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    It is not impossible for Hollywood movie prop departments to have authentic material, but they also had a lot of in-house and subcontracted modern made material. You have to go over the uniforms carefully to determine if there is any chance.

    I hope something original comes from this.

    Good luck,
    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    They could absolutely be period items. Costume and prop warehouses have some shockingly amazing items. Costumes are acquired or built on a per film basis, then logged into studio inventory, which operates like a lending library. For older productions (50's-60's) it would be cheaper to acquire the real thing then to pay to build it.

    Having said that, check each item for its individual merit.

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    On the lines of this subject.
    Years ago when I worked at the BBC, part of our duties as fire/security staff used top "wander patrols", needless to say these patrols took us into all areas of the sites, my favourite area to check was the costume and theatrical stores.
    The stuff that was in there, a lot of it genuine period stuff was unbelievable, everything from uniforms to webbing to deact weapons, it was a goldmine!!

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    they used a lot of real stuff in movie poductions in europe and hoollywood

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    Indeed they did, especially at Statsni and others in Europe; I have personally not seen a Fox stamp like this.

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    Default Re: Quick questions about SS Uniforms...

    It surely is possible, one of the weapons suppliers based in london has a vast collection of ww2 helmets of every type , german , japanese, english, american,and other countries, they sometimes lend them out to film companies and youd be surprised at how many get lost in transit on the way back

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