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Article about: Are there any good reference books on SS cuff titles ?

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    Are there any good reference books on SS cuff titles ?

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    They are good reference material. There are 2 volumes. Even have the 6 strand versions in there! so they must be real

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    Hello Steve.

    Here are a couple of books on the subject of cuff titles.

    "German Military Cuffbands, 1784-Present" by Gordon Williamson and Thomas McGuirl. German Military Cuffbands, 1784-Present: Gordon Williamson, Thomas McGuirl: Books

    If you are interested in mainly SS cuff titles then the book "A Collector's Guide to SS and Political Cuffbands" by Ulric of England is a good resource. This publication is now in two volumes.

    All the best,

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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

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