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Reinhard heydrich film

Article about: by Pierre N very nice film ! interesting to see Heydrich with Luftwaffe uniform! Hi Pierre,this is posted elsewhere on here with his funeral pics. But him in L/W uniform never struck me as o

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    Default Reinhard heydrich film

    Watch Videos from Youtube - Search Your favorite video THIS IS A GREAT FILM 8 MINS LONG.

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    Click on the above underline it works fine it takes to straight to the film.

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    Nice footage with some interesting locations but don't let all that glitter distract you from what this man really was...

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    Fantastic film....thanks for the link.


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    SS Ring Man

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    Thank for the update,great film about a man with no hart,you wounder about his kides were are thay today,and what do thay think of dad after all he did.The only thing that I did not like was the chose of music It is what I have plane to be played at my funeral one day

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    Yes, what did hapend to Heydrichs family after the 2 WW ? Since there were any news abouth them i belive they were killed during havy bombing or they were yust licvidated by the reds, who nows !?


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    His son is still alive.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    I forgot the name of the might be hitlers children.about the kids of the nazi lesdership.i know don boyle keeps in contact with himmlers daughter.she wrote to him after it was known well about his ss honer ring work and book.

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    At the end of the war Heydrich's widow Lina returned to the island of Fehmarn with the surviving three of her four children. She owned and ran a hotel and restaurant. The Finnish theatre director and poet Mauno Manninen (1915-1969), a nephew of the composer Sibelius, was a frequent guest at the hotel. He took pity on the difficulties she experienced as a result of her infamous name and offered to marry her to enable her to change it. They married in 1965 but did not live together. She died in 1985.

    Heydrich had four children, mainly:

    Klaus (born 17 June 1933) died in a traffic accident in the lower castle in Jungfern-Breschan on 24 October 1943
    Heider (born 28 December 1934)
    Silke (born 9 April 1939)
    Marte (born 23 July 1942)

    As of 2008, Heider, Marte and Silke are reported as still being alive.

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    Hi Phil, I think Nick made the very good point that sometimes it is best to step back now and again and remember what these items that we collect symbolised at that time in history.

    Heydrich was one of the chief architects of the Final Solution. The man was a monster who was feared by all, not only his countless victims, but also by other Nazis.

    Cheers, Ade.

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