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Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

Article about: Highly expensive objects for auction in s.w. Germany for global elite. These objects are at the Thies militaria auction in Nuertigen, which I think is in Swabia. The purist will note that th

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    FRIEDRICH-Berthold,I am not a fan of Gottlieb in any way.I just posted what is prehaps is not known by the newer members.When he appears at the shows he makes it seem you are in the presence of the great one!! Most other dealers dont like his arrogance and smarty ways.I ask you as an intelligent man is this why we are in such disaray with this great hobby?I rarely go to any shows anymore as the bad stuff is all over and the good struff in marked up 20-40% at the shows.I am lucky enough to have started in 1969-1970 when dealers were not just interested in your wallet!CARL

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ribbentrop tunic .jpg 
Views:	321 
Size:	150.7 KB 
ID:	275226Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wolff  cao x 2 .jpg 
Views:	206 
Size:	124.9 KB 
ID:	275227Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Koch Montur.jpg 
Views:	141 
Size:	157.9 KB 
ID:	275229Name:  090606_20.gif
Views: 509
Size:  35.6 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Vanitas Still Life.jpg 
Views:	135 
Size:	92.6 KB 
ID:	275232Name:  images.jpg
Views: 498
Size:  6.3 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	the-third-man-2.jpg 
Views:	138 
Size:	70.6 KB 
ID:	275235Name:  c48131a8db4064b7e1d28e6c9625e9f8_image_document_large_featured_borderless.jpg
Views: 573
Size:  33.7 KBThanks. Do kindly forgive my tone, but the other site and one beyond it are suffocated with this cult of hatred of a man, who, in my view, is just a clown. However, bashing dealers is not the point here, since even those with whom I have cordial relations, are constantly playing stupid little games even with me, cutting corners, chivying and what not, which is a generalization that applies to most collectors, as well. I have collected Nazi regalia more or less since 1962 or so, and it has ever been thus and I, for one, do not spend all my time in public lamentation of said fact. I always considered myself a true conservative in the European sense, and thus possessed of a fairly skeptical view of human nature ala de Maistre and Schopenhauer.
    Nothing that happens with this material surprises me, and I have armed myself with knowledge and a pretty breath taking professional commitment to defend myself against the ravages of the seven deadly sins as they adhere to foetid woolens. My success has been marginal. I had some dealings with this man, who further made me think him to be a clown. In the mind of one of his detractors known to me, he is both a Zionist agent and a right wing extremist with an anti Mexican agenda, which I think is even a bridge too far for this bally hoo queen. My object, however, is knowledge. There are people who hate the past or love the past. I love foetid woolens, and my effort here is not to empty a bucket of filth each day on my fellow man to attract an digital following of others so inclined. That activity is what makes the maroon site the stupid place it is, as well as most other on line places, in which human kind does little to show its higher aspirations.

    I posted this material more because I wonder if it originates in Europe or elsewhere and how it has come to market. Had I a half million dollars loose change, I would not spend it with the San Diego, California foetid woolen clown.

    However, my budget is smaller and my sense of smell more acute.

    If any one reason can be offered as to why the militaria world has gone insane, it is because the rest of western society and economy has been seized of a money madness for a generation, in which the bank is now empty and we are returning to the world described by Dickens and Marx, in fact. The images of chaos in the world are full evidence of same.
    and I am no Marxist, mind you, but more of a monarchist.

    Thanks to all for their additions to this thread.
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 12-07-2011 at 07:03 PM.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    If one of you recognizes the dame in the Mercedes 190SL, you will better understand the militaria game in the odd and conflicted year of 2011.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    Name:  index.jpg
Views: 831
Size:  65.0 KBHere is a hint. Such concerns the dark side of prosperity and lust, a phenomenon that is germane to the present.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    To help the readers along with Friedrich-Berthold's ID quiz, let me add the additional hints that the lady was well known in the Wirtschaftswunderland for her work in a certain service-based profession with a long tradition until she met with an untimely end in the same year that modified versions of WW2 awards were authorized for wear.

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    This was Rosemarie Nitribitt in front of her 190 SL. As I understand, she was murdered at the age of 24 and it is believed she blackmailed some of her wealthy "companions" which may have proven instrumental in her death in 1957.



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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    I am a fan of the 190 SL. It has a visual beauty that MB is trying to recapture in their new SLS. I would rather the SLS and a lesser tunic than one of the glamour ones in the beginning of the thread, personally. I imagine the price would be comparable.


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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    great stuff, hard to find

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    Bravo to my two colleagues. Well done. We are a little closer to the truth.

    Postscriptum: were we to play this game on the maroon paranoia and puffery website, no one would likely figure it out, I think.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Ribbentrop & Wolff & SSTV black regalia.

    Many thanks for sharing these pics on uniforms. I can only imagine the prices.

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