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Rubric for insane "SS items"

Article about: Perhaps we need a separate toxic waste rubric here to sequester and or confine insane, loopy and outlandish SS objects, that is, purported SS objects as a kind of Schreckenskammer. I do not

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    Smile Funny!

    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    No you loose. Even on the joke threads i still have cards up my sleeve. The one i showed was indeed, not only only signed by the Führer, but as you will see from the heavy wear, used by the Führer!
    Which ones looking more real now huh?
    Oh, contraire mon frère . . .

    As we already know - for anyone that collects "edged weapons" - even if your presentation SS-Adolf Hitler pocketknife was genuine . . . I am afraid it would rate rather poorly - with a blade in that condition. Ask anyone that collects these things, and they will be quick to tell you - it is all about the condition of the blade.

    On the other hand - my example, without a doubt, is in much better condition - and would rate MINT by most every collector in-the-know. It bears the highly sought after RZM mark of swastika within a wreath of oakleaves . . . would be the highlight of any table at any show . . . may one day even find it's way into a reference book - and in such condition, could possibly become one of the future Gospel's of which all collectors will behold for generations to come.


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    Circuit advertisement Rubric for insane "SS items"
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    L o l.

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    Default More Natsy scalps...

    The bogus SS-Hitler Youth knife. These fantasy knives come in a few shapes and sizes, the Celtic BS pattern stays the same, but with other organizational emblems added. Unfortunately they are still classed as genuine by some, and offered for sale as "Honor" knives for a good few thousand dollars. And yes, unfortunately they are also in-print as genuine.

    Rubric for insane "SS items" Rubric for insane "SS items"

    image credits: The one & only, HJ-research forum

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    There is no end of the garbage on the ole internet. As presented elsewhere.

    Rubric for insane "SS items"Rubric for insane "SS items"Rubric for insane "SS items"

    How many nice period cigarette cases have been ruined with phony sculls?
    I guess this thread could go on and on and on ...

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    Visor cap of the Schwarzkommando.

    Rubric for insane "SS items"

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    Ah .. that takes me back ..
    The infamous gravity knives ...
    Who remembers the glut of brass ones of these that appeared in the 1970's as Luft Aircrew boot knives????

    Gary J.

    Quote by Fallschirmjager1941 View Post
    Interesting! I have never seen one like this before. To get back on track I'll add an actual fantasy piece

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    If you were caught wearing that condition Visor on parade, expect to be shot !!!!

    Gary J.

    Quote by Tony8 View Post
    Visor cap of the Schwarzkommando.

    Rubric for insane "SS items"

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    Quote by gary j View Post
    if you were caught wearing that visor on parade, expect to be shot !!!!

    Gary j.

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    Default One Standarte

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    Check out our own link in the Sword and dagger forum entitled

    For the edged collector..thrill seeker ..or one just looking for a scare..check out the link I supplied

    @ Tony8...congratulations....that hat cap thing what ever it is..will now be posted in the Best of the Worst thread..soley reserved for edged weapons...but this one time..I will make an exception.

    here is the connecting link to the
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