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RZM pattern pieces

Article about: Gentlemen, I would like to open a topic with such a pattern pieces of the RZM. About an active participation, I would be very pleased. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Hugo Rietzel

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    Here is the Fencing Diamond , with probe tag signed by Schiller, Oswald Pohl's adjutant . The embroidery is so tight that in hand it almost looks like a sheet of Aluminum made into runes . This diamond it normally encountered in cotton thread and smaller but this exact same pattern badge was worn by Heydrich in a number of photographed fencing competitions , with a cost far above the cotton version for sure.RZM pattern pieces

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    Wonderful material and our colleague Rietzel has a fine website. Please note that the entity in question was the Verwaltungsamt SS, which then became the Wirtsschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt, about which
    we have included the necessary secondary works in German several dozen times.

    The overseas cap with the Probe tag ended up in a fine collection.

    These items are misunderstood by many Anglo Saxon collectors, but are the foundation of our inquiry as they were and are (today) an institution in German military organizations.

    We are very grateful to see such fine things in such congenial company.

    The Rest Militaria works on German uniforms explain how the system of pattern pieces were employed in the clothing economy of the old armies, as indicated, both to secure command assent for the use of a new or modified item, as well as distributed to contractors, vendors, craftsmen and craftswomen as an example, as the regulation in three dimensions. This system has a long lineage in the Prussian German army, was imitated in the SA and SS for obvious reasons, since, for instance, Pohl was a naval administrator, and this system of Proben was subsequently employed in the two German armies in the cold war.
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    can someone please give me Hugo Rietzel rzm website ?

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    Siehe da! Reichszeugmeisterei

    Do show us please more of your things.

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    Mr. Rietzel has done a fine, fine piece of work and we are happy he associates himself with us.
    Our goal is to attract superior material, intelligent discussion, and also, without exception, to guard against the congenital weaknesses of the brave new world, i.e. silly nonsense.
    This thread is an example of the standard here, and what results a handful of good people can achieve.

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    The " Reichszeugmeisterei " site is very interesting .. !
    Some pictures I found sofar :
    seal and disc on political leader visor ( coll. John Pepera )
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RZM pattern pieces  

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    Seal and disc on collartabs Brigadeführer Hauptamt S.A. ( coll. Miken )
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RZM pattern pieces  

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    Bravo. I wonder if this cap was just sold off. Thanks for the nice addition.

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    Has anyone seen an SS buckle with one of these tags?

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    More details from the Reichleitungs visor from John.

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