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RZM pattern pieces

Article about: Gentlemen, I would like to open a topic with such a pattern pieces of the RZM. About an active participation, I would be very pleased. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Hugo Rietzel

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    I never ceased to be repulsed by the twisted grammar of this kind of correspondence.
    Such contrasts with the clarity of military German of an earlier era.

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    V.uW headquarters
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RZM pattern pieces  

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    Very nice image.
    RZM pattern piecesThe SS Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt building was in Berlin itself. That is, in Lichterfelde West.
    What you enclose is the inspectorate of the SSTV at Oranienburg outside of Berlin. And, the SSTV per se morphed into a part of the Waffen SS
    and the management of the camp system branched off in the WVHA and ballooned in turn with the further growth of the SS domination of central and eastern Europe.
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    I thought it was moved ??

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    Quote by jimtoncar View Post
    I thought it was moved ??
    I am sure you are right, but what I enclose is the building, built at the height of Pohl's power in Nazi Europe.
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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    You may be right, but what I enclose is the building built for it at the height of its power.
    My records indicate it was moved in 1938 ?

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    Quote by jimtoncar View Post
    My records indicate it was moved in 1938 ?
    I believe the entity went from Bavaria to Oranienburg, as you write, when this camp complex was opened, and thence to the Berlin location in wartime.

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    RZM pattern pieces
    Quote by jimtoncar View Post
    My records indicate it was moved in 1938 ?
    The Kaienburg and Schulte books are definitive. The Baur photo is very interesting.

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    The new Eicke biography is also very revealing. I do not know if it will be translated. Neither the Kaienburg nor the Schulte have been....

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    RZM pattern piecesIs there a good book on Oranienburg, i.e. not collector junk, but something with a solid research basis? Does Andreas know?
    There is a multi volume histoire totale of all the camps, of which I own some.
    In my Berlin time in the nineties until recently, I have always driven by the exit on my way from Hamburg, and then wanted to see the place, and have never done so. If I am lucky, this fall I shall do so and report back to you.
    Thanks for the Baur photo.

    Zur Freude am Lesen....

    Hans Biereigel: Mit der S-Bahn in die Hölle. Wahrheiten und Lügen über das erste Nazi-KZ, Berlin 1994.
    Hans Biereigel: Schweigen ist Gold – Reden Oranienburg. Zur Geschichte des ersten Konzentrationslagers der Nazis in Preußen.

    Edition Luisenstadt, Berlinische Monatsschrift. Heft 9/2000.
    Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung: Gedenkstätten für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus. Eine Dokumentation, Berlin 1999.
    Irene A. Diekmann und Klaus Wettig (Hrsg.): Konzentrationslager Oranienburg. Augenzeugenberichte aus dem Jahre 1933. Gerhart Seger und Max Abraham, Potsdam 2003.
    Siegfried Mielke (Hrsg.): Gewerkschafter in den Konzentrationslagern Oranienburg und Sachsenhausen. Biographisches Handbuch, Bd. 1-4, Berlin 2002-2013 [Bde. 2 und 3 hrsg. in Verbindung mit Günter Morsch, Bd. 4 hrsg. mit Stefan Heinz].
    Günter Morsch: Konzentrationslager Oranienburg, Berlin 1994.

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